ausydneyeventsbyo-boat-hire by hariet1
Venues for parties of all sizes on Sydney Harbour. Choose from over 80 boats available for hire in Sydney! Find exceptional venues for your party of 2 to over 900 on Sydney Harbour and get exciting discounts today! Ideal for Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Hens & Bucks Parties, Weddings, corporate events and much more!
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A lost boy, in order to fulfill his mother's last wish, travels and eventually finds himself.
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A 12-year-old named Luna Moon is going on a solo travel for the first time! To where you ask? Well... You got to read to know the adventure she went on!
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Lost and Dangerous by Sweet-Little-Bumblebee18 reviews
Two people. No memories. No help. Can they survive the danger that hunts them. Or will they be lost forever. This is my own story I own all of it. I had to chose the categories that I did cause I couldn't publish without them. But please enjoy this story!
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It is about my friends. Rating may go up.
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The Nazis Win by DaNavi
In this story, the Nazis take over the world. They enslave everyone who is not a Nazi or German citizen. The main characters are trying to eradicate the tyrannical leaders of their city, Urbsevek. They succeed, but are eventually caught.
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1983 by nicole.griep
Drake is een jongen die later filmproducer wil worden. Hij las dat in 1983 een horrorfilm nooit was afgemaakt, en Drake zag dat als zijn kans. Samen met Yasmin, Roos en Chad ging hij naar een donker bos, waar de film werd opgenomen. Maar dan ontdekt het viertal dat de 'producer' nooit is gestopt en dat ze hun uiterste best moeten doen om niet deel uit te maken van de film.
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A humorous and anecdotal tale of the journey from Calais on the north coast of France to Collure a quaint coastal village close to the Spanish border. Places people and strange encounters experienced by a family travelling under canvas and caravan.
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The Observer Chronicles: by Robert Oldemann
. It is a story about a terrorist bombing that is perpetrated by one of the world's wealthiest, most powerful men, Presscott Binch and how he gets caught.
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ckkljsdjs by ChIcKa 14 reviews
jjhsdfajfashfjkashfkjh READ dsjfalkfdjhkjsfdhkajfdh
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Ok. I have to admit that this poem has the same name as the book Traveler, but this poem is not about the book. I haven't read it, but I couldn't think of what category it should go under. This is a poem about how I look at life sometimes.
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Nostalgic Evenings by Bulbophyllum
This story is about the three who tries to continue the tomorrws with diffent feelings depending on daily environment cycle, within a set of traditional customs .It shows what they saw,how they felt...
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this stiory is about: A girl named Lucia Nakajima she is six teen year’s old, and she has this dream that she is a priestess, and that she enters this door in her dream and that, she opens it and when she does she goes into another dimension. And in thi
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Masters of the martial arts, Harlequins are bound to protect the Travelers. The Brethren, have systematically eliminated all but a few, but the swarm have infiltrated them and now plot the extermination of mankind.
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