Crossovers  BooksMissing series, Margrets Peterson Haddix
Witnessed by KelseyGallant reviews
After thirteen years of trying to figure out the significance of the mysterious plane that appeared during her one day at Sky Trails, Angela finally has an opportunity to get some answers. But what will it lead to? Has her life been ruined forever? 'Witnessed' brings you the entire Missing series, from Angela's perspective.
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The day started out normal enough. It ended with JB bringing a fairy into the village. A fantasy AU.
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"Putting that Elucidator down in front of her was one of the hardest things I've ever made myself do." JB, The Missing: Risked, Epilogue. What possibly went through JB's head before he set his Elucidator down. The Missing One-shot, insert scene for Risked. JB's point-of-view, spoiler heavy, chapters 37 and 38.
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"Don't you know it's rude to ask someone how they died?"
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Gary and Hodge get what they want. And Johan is stuck in their future. When not fighting to survive he spends all his time figuring out how to fix things. Then he gets luck by forcing the impossible to become possible. [This is not connect to the Mood Mind series]
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Violet K'Tah's father is a time agent in our future. Violet knows that his work can be taxing, but something's changed about him. And she isn't to find out. This is the Missing series, but from an outside view: JB's oldest daughter, to be exact.
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Basil figured out what was causing time to freak out but now he's ready to freak out. Now he and his friends must fight to prove they are worthy of holding the rings that could set not just the world's, but time and space's fate as well. Not to mention that the Time Agency is on his tail for allegedly breaking a serious time law. Sequel to Moon Mind.
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Daniella thought that once she returned to the 21st century, everything would go back to normal-or at least as normal as life could be in a new town, with a new set of memories and a new connection with her biological siblings. But she soon learns that danger may still be out there... and that "normal" can change in the blink of an eye. (contains spoilers, including for books 7&8)
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Time its self hates him. It tried more than once to end him. But he's alive. Basil is a time adoptive to JB with something unique about him. But can he figure out what that is before time and space are broken beyond repair?
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Kevin just turned 13. All his siblings have grown up and moved out. But when his family comes over for Thanksgiving lunch, he eavesdrops on a conversation between his mother and 26-year-old Jonah. The time agency has been put on emergency lockdown, and a new villain wants to steal Kevin away. With the help of JB Kevin, Jonah, Katherine, and Jordan must time travel one more time.
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Market Day (takes place before Sabotaged Spoilers: Sabotaged & Torn) by KelseyGallant reviews
Before we read Revealed, my brothers and I were discussing who Jonah might be. I remembered reading the name Henry Fountain as one of the missing kids in Found. I researched and found out that Henry Fountain and his father, Albert, disappeared together in 1896. I thought it seemed plausible that Jonah could be Henry, and his dad could be someone else involved with time travel.
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Spoilers for the 4th and 5th books. Tete had a lot of health problems, and so JB did too. Sometimes cures could be unreliable. Oneshot.
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Spoilers for the 6th book- The events that take place between when Jonah falls unconscious and when he wakes up in the time hollow.
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Spoilers for the 5th book- JB did not react well to learning that he was Tete Einstein. Emily helps, just a bit.
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AU. Luce protects Daniel. She protects him from Snatchers & Travelers. That's how it's been since the beginning of time. He is the physical incarnation of the present, he holds the fabric of time together for merely existing. Luce doesn't even want to think what would happen if he were to disappear. This life time things are difficult, they're different.
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Jonah and Katherine are finally back to their normal lives. School, homework, cold winters, etc. When Jonah's parent go on vacation they leave weird clues that lead to believe they are also one of the missing. Jonah and Katherine have exactly 1.5 weeks to solve this without their parents knowing.
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