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Author has written 8 stories for W.I.T.C.H., Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Spiderwick Chronicles, Tokyo Mew Mew, House of Night, and X-Men: Misfits.

Hi, yes I am now known as Marvel Maiden Squalls, because of my recent marriage. :3 Don't worry, its not really, its only a cyber one. XD I also go by other Alias' such as MM, Marv, Marvel, Maia, Marvin, M&M, Nana, and now even Mrs. Squalls. :3 But most importantly, I am the Almighty Magical Forensic Monkey Ninja Princess Banana Pudding!! XD


Feb 13/13: OMG!!! I POSTED!!! That's right. NMM, UPDATED!! *POMPOMS AND FIREWORKS* I'm excited! :D I'm getting back into the rhythm of writing. I love art and am currently in school for it, but writing is my true passion! Be ready to see more updates while I work on my novel as well ;) Cheers!! Also thinking of changing my username to match my other accounts :P

Dec 1/12:Hey FF!!! I'm not dead!! Just been busy with school and figuring out my life. I now know that I want to be an author(should have realized that before lol) But good news comes with this, I have moe time to write, so expect new chapters!! I have also been set back with Misfits ecause I lost the USB, but I'm recovering and gonna dish out some stuff for it since it's almost done. Then after that OFC, then NMM. At the same time working on my novel. Wish me luck :D

Oct 13/12: Heeeey, long time no see! I first off wanna say I'm soooo sorry for not updating lately. Started college and am currently swamped with all these art projects. Reading week is coming up and I plan on doing some updating then, but the sad new for that is, I won't be updating Misfits yet. You see, I was stupid, and kept all my Misfit info on a USB. My fav USB that was shaped like a chicken head. Anyways, i go and forget it in a computer at school, and come the next morning it is gone and no one has brought it to the lost and found yet. Been checking every day, and even gonna put up Lost posters, but its probably a lost cause. :/ Gonna try anyways. I promise though I'll have some Misfit art up soon :D

May 27/12: No need to worry everyone, I AM ALIVE!! Haha! I've been updating so that should be an indicator, but thought I'd post here to let you know I'm still kickin! I'm gonna be starting school in September, gonna be taking Art for a year, then apply for animation. So I'm planning on doing a LOT of writing this summer. Saturdays are my official update day. Even if I finish a chapter early, I'll wait to post it on the following Saturday. So keep an eye for those!

I have cleaned out some old stories I'm never gonna finish, but kept MAGIC because its STILL popular even though I havn't updated in years, and hope to finish it one day. I currently have 4 active stories, Misfits, Followed, Our Faerie Chronicles, and Nagoya Mew Mew. I definitely plan to have Misfits done by the time I start school, because it is the story that is gonna be the shortest. I'm striving to get the others done as well, and thank you so much for your patience. I promise not to start any other stories until I finish Misfits and one other story. Writer's honour!

Apr 5/12: Hello!!! Happy late 2012!! :D Just wanted to let my readers know, yes I have been updating once again, and I hope to do a good deal of it this month. I've been trying to force myself to write 1,500 words a day, which is pretty small when you think about it, but when you add it all up that's 45,000 words for the month, and a LOT of chapter out of that. Let's cross our fingers and hope I can get that much! I've also grown as a writer and am going to be paying more attention to my characters and their development, and change in writing style. Thanks to those who still read and all those who just started!!

July 27/11: Well, I must say that this month was a great success :D I got a chapter up for NMM, OFC and Misfits, and I'm working on a second chapter of Misfits . Hopefully it'll be up in the next couple of days. I also got over 560 hits on my stories this month. :) Thanks everyone. Not to mention I posted 12 pictures on my dA account, and made visible improvements in them as well. I hope next month is as successful, and thank you to everyone who reads my stories, and bigger thanks to those you review.

June 29/11: Well, and unexpected turn has occured in my life. I'm changing majors in university. I'm going to be applying to animation, but i have to wait until next yeaer to do so, so I'm gonna take off a year. In between working two jobs and drawing my butt off to practice, I shall be writing as well. Hopefull i can get up at least once chapter a month for each fic. I appreciate your support with the Favs I've been getting, and really appreciate the reviews.

June 15/11: Hopefully I can keep this thing properly updated to keep you guys in the loop now XP I am on summer vacation, and have been since April, and let me tell ya, four month summer, not as fun as you think. I have been doing okay with updates, 1 for Misfits, and 2 for Our Fairy Chronicles. I will hopefully get another of NMM up and of followed by the end of the month. Cheer for me! XD


Books: Blue Bloods Series, Vampire Academy Series, Spiderwick Chronicles, Eragon, Warriors Series,

Manga: Vampire Knight, The Gentlemen's Alliance, Fairy Cube, Time Stranger Kyoko, Gaba Kawa, Fall in Love Like a Comic, Honey Hunt, X-Men: Misfits, Sakura Hime, La Corda D'oro

Anime: Vampire Knight, Sailor Moon, Mew Mew Power, Cardcapters, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Digimon, FLCL,

T.V. Shows: Heroes(First Season Only), X-men: TAS, Different Crime Shows, Gilmore Girls, Till Debt Do Us Part,

Movies: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hairspray, She's the Man, BridesMaids, Despicable Me,

Favorite Video Games: Any Sonic Game, Any Harvest Moon, Any Final Fantasy, Sly Cooper, Any Kingdom Hearts, Persona 4,


MAGIC: Hiatus: Been on official Hiatus cause I've just been too lazy to update, but I hopefully will soon.

Our Faerie Chronicles: Active: I plan to shove the two stories into one, and just indicate the separation between the books, but so far I'm loving the feedback I'm getting from this story.

Nagoya Mew Mew: Active: Loving how this story is going.

Misfits: Active: I love the feedback and popularity it's getting. And I love this story so much.

Followed: Active: Hope to get this story moving, but is still active.


Persona 4

Kingdom Hearts

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Skies of Arcadia

Harry Potter


\Nagoya Mew Mew/

This section I am dedicating entirely to, Nagoya Mew Mew :) It's an OC submission story of mine, but I'm done accepting OCs. It's been fun to write, and I've got a lot of stuff planned, so I hope you all read it and review. :)


Wesley and Eliot have relocated to Nagoya, Japan, where they hope to find new mews, to defend the Earth from a new race of aliens, who have come for something that has been hidden on Earth for millenniums. They must gather 13 Mews, with Aneeta Rolls as their leader, to find it before the aliens do, and use it to take over the universe.(Typical story plot, but I've got a ton of twists!) The first Arc is about to come to an end with 6 Mews active and 7 still missing. They've had a lot of help from their mascot MAL, a cute doll that looks like a dark brown cat with wings. She has pink hair and a blue dress that goes along with her funky attitude. So far the aliens have been unpredictable, but only Eliot and Wesley know what they want, and have yet to tell the Mews.


New Volume Pictures up soon

Volume 1 - Chapters 1 - 5

Volume 2 - Chapters 6 - 9

Volume 3 - Chapters 10 - 13

Volume 4 - Chapter 14 - 17

Volume 5 - Chapter 18 - 21


Album 1/Arc 1

1. Jiriri Kiteru – Berry Koubou (Opening Theme)

2. Koi no Jubaku – Berry Koubou (Closing Theme)

3. No One - Aly and AJ (Aneeta's Theme)

4. Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun – Miley Cyrus (Kita's Theme)

5. First – Lindsy Lohan (Tiffany's Theme)

6. What's new Pussycat? - Tom Jones

7. Numb – Linkin Park (Kotona's Theme)

8. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

9. Because of You - Kelly Clarkson (Amaya's Theme)

10. Shawty Get Loose - Lil Mama ft. Chris Brown & T-Pain

11. Don't Stop the Music - Rhiana

12. Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

13. I Did it My Way - Frank Sinatra


Since they cancelled the second volume of X-men: Misfits, I took it unto myself to continue the story that so many fans wanted to see finished. This is all obviously fanmade.


Kitty returns for a new year at Xavier's Academy, but now she's not the only girl. She is joined by a dozen new girls, including a new teacher. She's also introduced to fellow male students she did not know, and learns about the many of her classmates dark pasts. Little does she know that everything happened for a reason, and she is a pawn in a master plan that throws her into a fight for her life.







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