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I sat up when I saw that Bobby was shaking. "Bobby is everything alright?" I asked him, placing my hand on his arm.

He didn't say anything so I put my right leg over the side of the bed and bent my self to sit in half Indian style. I looked at his face, worried about him. Tears were streaming his face. "Bobby, what is wrong?" I gently asked, rubbing his arm.

"Some people decided to pick on me more like beat me, so I froze them; but, I can't unfreeze them. Do you think you can for me?" Bobby asked, his breathing becoming slightly ragged.

"Sure, where are they? You can stay here if you want." I said with a warm smile.

"They're in the library." Bobby said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I nodded my head and stood. My lift foot was slightly asleep so I rubbed my calf to wake it. "Zira, thank you." Bobby whispered.

I was shocked; hardly did anyone call me by my first name, while no one could call me by my last name because I threw it away the moment I came here. (Okay just saying I don't understand this sentence at all….but right now my friend is asleep so I can't ask what that person meant so….bear with me here.) I smiled my special 'light up the room' smile at him. "No prob, Bobby. Only on the condition that you eat lunch with us."

Bobby seemed surprised by my smile, mainly because I hardly used it. Yet, when he heard what I said, he smiled back. The smile he never showed anyone else. "Okay, I think I can do that." He said sluggishly.

"You seem tired so you can sleep here. Because I don't think you'd make it to your room." I said and went to the door.

When I looked back, Bobby was fast asleep on the bed. I smiled at him softly and with that smile on my lips I went to the library. The library closes at midnight because of late studies, so I was not surprised to see it still opened.

I found the librarian moving the frozen people up to her desk. "How many are there?" I asked as she moved the fifth frozen person up.

"There is one more. Do you know what happened?" She asked, surveying Bobby's handy work.

"They were beating him up and so he froze them." I explained, kneeling down to see how much fire I would need.

"Okay then, I will bring the last one up and you can start unfreezing them." The librarian said.

I nodded and as she went off, I got started. I slowly heated them up, so that they wouldn't die. It took a lot of time and effort, but the librarian was patient and let me work. It wasn't until about 3 in the morning when I got done. I heaved a sigh and stretched. "I'll talk to Xavier and ask him to allow you to rest." She said kindly.

"No, just ask him to excuse me from some classes. I should be fine by lunch." I said with a smile.

"Okay. I will. Take care now." She said going over to the phone.

"I will thanks." I said leaving and heading back to my room.

When I got back, Bobby was curled up on my bed still sound asleep. He still had his shoes and his jacket on. So I took his shoes off and miraculously managed to take his jacket off with out breaking a bone or waking him. I had a blanket folded on the foot of my bed and draped it over him. I couldn't help but smile. He looked so gentle, not his usual mask of coldness. There was a couch in the corner where I curled up into to go to sleep.

*~*time skip*~*

When I awoke, there was a blanket over me. I looked closer at it and saw that it was the blanket that was on my bed, the one I had covered Bobby with the night before. I smiled brightly; I seem to be smiling a lot lately. Mom would be happy. I stood, causing multiple joints to pop.

I looked around for my clock, it was always disappearing. I found it were it was suppose to be actually be, on my night stand. When I went over to see the time, I found a folded piece of paper next to the clock. On the front, it said my name in nice calligraphy. I opened it and gasped. It was a note from Bobby.


Thank you for letting me stay with you. You were the only person I could think of to go to. Hope it wasn't too much trouble. Hope to see you at lunch.


I smiled, my heart warming at the thought that he trusted me. When I looked at the clock, I noticed that it was nearly lunch and my stomach gave a large growl for food. So I went to my closet to put on a new uniform.

I hope no one gave him a hard time this morning or he got out early. I thought as I went to the Dining Hall. No one was there yet so I went to the lunch ladies. "Can I have something now? I'm starving." I asked, bouncing on my toes in anticipation.

They chuckled and pulled out a tray. "Sure, what would you like?" the lunch lady who pulled out the tray asked placing the tray on the sliding thing.

"Umm…That and no pineapple please." I said pointing to the sandwich.

She nodded and placed the sandwich on the tray and slid it to the other lady. She place mixed veggies on it. She pointed to the apple crisp but I shook my head no. "Here ya go." She said handing the tray to me.

"Thank you." I said and went to the milk/juice fridge. I took a chocolate milk and went to our usual table I silently ate my sandwich. It was weird eating by myself. I looked down at my watch and noticed that I had a minute before the others were going to be here.

I continued eating, not thinking about the silence, but it was pressing down on me. I tried to ignore it, not thinking about what it meant and tried focusing on what to say to Bobby. What I would say to see how he is doing?

The silence nearly won when the people started flowing in. I saw Kurt, Celesius, Scott, Fred, and Ice man. They waved or nodded and I smiled back, a strained one, but a smile none the less. Kurt led Celesius over after they got their food and sat down across from me. "So how was your first day here?" I asked Celesius.

"Good. I don't like Angel much though." She said taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Has he asked you to be a part of the Hellfire Club?" I asked, worried that she would leave us for them.

"No." She stated.

Fred and Scott came over. Fred sat at one end on my side; Scott sat on the other side of Celesius. Talk became more eased as time went on. At least until Bobby came over, they seemed shocked except for Celesius since she didn't really know Bobby. He didn't say anything as he sat down next to me. "Wow Zira, you got him over here." Kurt said in mock surprise.

"Yup. So Bobby, did anyone give you hell?" I asked, ignoring the questioning stares.

"No." he stated simply.

I nodded and didn't push. The others just continued to question Bobby and Celesius. Celesius looked like she wanted to talk to me, but I just listened to what all happened while I slept. Once they were done badgering, Celesius was able to ask me her question. I hope I can help her.


I was getting greatly annoyed with Angel in my classes; but I met a guy in one of my classes who gave off a cold aura. By the end of my class, I learned his name was Bobby and his power was ice. Man, maybe his name should be Celesius. I laughed quietly at my thought. After my class at the start of lunch, Kurt came to me and asked me if I would sit with him and his friends.

I agreed and followed him to the lunch room. Once I got my sandwich and drink, I sat with that girl who was there when I woke up.

I paid attention and learned her name was Zira and the guy to my right was named Scott and the guy beside Zira was Fred. Everyone seemed nice and as they asked me questions; I kept them simple answers. I cleared my throat. "Umm Zira I have a couple of question to ask you." She glanced at me.

"Well ask away." I looked at her.

"You don't want them to hear it." I stood then walked to the closest wall. I heard Zira follow me.

I turned, "Okay, I was wondering how strongly you like Kurt and Bobby." Zira looked at me in shock. I nodded in understanding. "Never mind for right now, why were you there when I woke up earlier?"

Zira smiled. "I was worried about you plus you have a similar power to mine. That is to shape shift."

"Well I do not know what I can shape shift into, but it really hurt. If it will always hurt then, I don't think that I could do that anymore." I sighed. "Why do you care if I was asked to be part of the Hellfire Club?"

Zira looked at me undecided whether to tell me or not. "Well I just don't feel like you would belong with them. Plus, they are not the best group of people."

I started to think about that then nodded. "If Angel is part of them then I won't be a part of them."

Zira nodded then looked back at the table. I glanced back and noticed all the guys were staring at us. "Zira, I will back off and give Kurt and Bobby a cold shoulder if you really want me to." Zira shook her head. "I do not know how you know, but do not do that to them. Just give me time to think about it then I will be fine." She went back to the group while I stayed back. I should not mess with them even if Zira says that.

I did not look back as I left the lunch room. The halls were quiet and sunlight was streaming from the tall windows as I walked. My destination was the library. After slightly getting lost, I finally arrived at the library. The room looked like heaven. Books stacked everywhere all calling me to read them. I grabbed a book called City of Bones.

Choosing to sit in a window seat, I sat in the sunlight and read. When I was about two chapters in,(which believe me for that book it takes me like 10 minutes to get there…maybe) I heard a voice. "Hey Celesius." I looked up,slightly peering over the top of the book, and saw Angel. I sighed and continued to read, ignoring him.

"So Celesius, I told my friends about you and they would like you to join the Hellfire Club." Angel said dramatically waving his hands, flipping his hair, and then grabbed my hand. "Leave me alone, fallen." I growled softly as I read my book. Angel then grabbed my book, making a huge mistake. "Celesius, I am giving you an amazing opportunity." I growled at him fire seeming to burn in my eyes.

"No. I will not join. Now leave. Give me back the book and leave me alone. It is only the first day and you annoy me." I bared my teeth and they sharpened as my anger grew.

"Now beautiful, I won't leave you alone. Just accept me and you won't regret it. You will be mine just come easy; don't try to fight." His face was close to mine as he spoke.

"You have to work for me. As I told you earlier, all the things I dislike about you. I refuse to go down without a fight." I glared in his face.

"You eyes are changing red." Angel stated. I quickly grabbed my book then walked away. I passed some people as they laughed and joked. A sharp pain attacked my heart, being alone for so long really hits hard when people are around you. I continued until I reached my next class. My class was with Logan. Great, I get to see bladey again.

I reached the danger room and entered. Since I was the only one there I sat down and continued to read.

*~*Time Skip*~*

"Celesius, class is about to start." I looked up from my book and say Kurt looking at me. His piecing yellow gaze made me feel as if I heart or whatever was inside of me was being exposed. Thinking, Kurt could see the me I have tucked away. I pushed away those feelings and got up. Looking around, there were now people in the danger room. "Thanks Kurt for doing that." I grimaced as I started to pop my back and hands. He just nodded and glanced behind me. I turned and saw Zira, Bobby, and Scott were in this class as well. I had better leave this quartet alone. Walking off to a secluded corner, I waited till I saw Logan's head appear among the group of students. "Celesius have you thought about my offer." I nearly snapped from just hearing the voice. I quickly glared at him. "Angel, how many times is this going to happen. I told you no, now leave me the hell alone." I was steadily getting louder.

Angel touched my nose with one of his fingers then smiled his dazzling smile. "I will never leave you alone. Celesius, I will bother you until you get so fed up that you will join."

I started to grow hot in anger and growled in the back of my throat. "If you don't leave me the hell alone, I will really hurt you, fallen." My anger was risking so much. I started to hear a voice in my head. I am getting to her. Soon she won't be able to resist and join us. She just looks so great when she is angry. I stepped back a bit. "I guess then I have to not get angry anymore." Angel looked shocked as I said that. I finally realized that I was reading or hearing his mind.

"I guess another one of your powers is telepathy." He stated trying to act cool about it.

I shrugged. "I guess. Please leave me alone." I walked away from him hoping he would give me some space.

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