AN: I read he story, and loved it, and felt devastated when they said they weren't going to continue it, so I thought I would :-) I'm fallowing the preview they gave of the second volume. They said she was waiting all of Summer vacation, even though they left for Winter break, so I'm going with the Summer Vacation. It also says a new year, so it only makes sense to use it. I hope you enjoy.




Chapter One

Summer break had been long and boring. Compared to the life I began at Xavier's Academy, home seemed...not like home. Sure my family was there, and it felt so good to be with them again, but I was reminded about my life as an outsider. Kids who I recognized form school stared and whispered to each other. So I spent most of my time working at my parent's restaurant, or staid in my room. I did however make many trips to the kitchen just to sit and stare into the freezer. That's where I kept it. The ice heart. I couldn't help but stare at it and get a pain in my chest. Not a bad pain.

I thought of Bobby all the time. When it was dead in the store and I stood around, when I laid up in my room, and every time someone opened the freezer, or mentioned ice. I just hoped he didn't continue to ignore me when school started again. He was so cold toward me before, maybe he'll act differently since I saved his life.

John and I were obviously over. At least...I hoped it was obvious. I didn't want to be with him anymore. I wanted...I needed to be with Bobby. And if John hadn't caught on, then I was just gonna have to tell him to his face when school started. I just hoped he won't fry me after. I really didn't want to ever talk to him again. I didn't want to talk to any of the hellfire members. Well, maybe Forge, because he was always the sweetest, but none of the others. They were nothing but bad news. Boys who were treated like the best, thinking they could get away with anything they wanted. I'd rather hang out with people like Fred, Kurt, and Scott...and Bobby.

I had to take a Grey Hound bus all the way to New York again. I didn't mind really, it gave me some time to catch up on my video games. I couldn't help but feel nervous. I know I had already experienced my first day already, but this was a new school year. There was going to be new people, and I was kind of worried I'd be the only girl again. I was also worried that I wouldn't, because I'd lose some of the attention. I would at least know the guys better than the new girls if there were any. Plus there was also the fact of running into John or the others. If he did try to act like we were still dating, then I would definitely have to talk to him.

I had brought the ice heart with me in a mini cooler. I put other pieces of ice in it, hoping it would hold out until I got back to the school. I wasn't really sure where I could keep it. I couldn't keep it in the freezer in the kitchen, someone would find it, and I couldn't leave it in the cooler because it would melt, unless I stole ice from the freezer...but then I'd become suspicious. I should've just left it at home...but then my sisters may have tampered with it and ruined it. I'd just have to figure something out.

Professor Xavier was still in the hospital. They say he was paralysed from the waist down, and he'll never be able to walk again. It was sad really. I wish I could've saved him too. I know it was good that I managed to save Bobby, but I wish I could've done more. It feels like everyone else's powers were better than mine. Controlling fire and ice, shooting lasers out of their eyes, teleporting, flying with wings, blowing stuff up and losing control... I wasn't sure if Alex had been released form the hospital, but I hoped he was okay. He was really scary. He must have reached an Omega level or something. That power was incredible.

So begins my new semester at Xavier's Academy...


My escort pulled the car up the long driveway, a line of cars and buses already parked there dropping of students. I looked out anxiously, looking for people I recognized. I saw Fred instantly: taller and bigger than anyone else in the crowd. I caught a glimpse of Kurt, but he teleported as soon as he grabbed hold of his things. My heart leaped when I thought I caught sight of Bobby, but it was some other kid who could change the colour of his hair. Sighing, I got out of the car when we made it to an open spot.

"Hey Kitty!" Fred greeted, waving excitedly.

"Hi," I smiled, waving a gloved hand. "How was your vacation?"

"Oh, it was great," he beamed. "Besides knocking people over here and there, I enjoyed it." I laughed lightly, taking my suitcase and mini cooler out of the back of the car. More cars moved in, and more students came out. I hurried along so that I wouldn't get caught in any heavy traffic. I knew as soon as I made it to the South Wing I'd be free of all this hustling and bustling. I was the only girl after all.

I entered the giant double doors, entering the familiar large foyer with the giant staircase that split into two. Boys were bunched here and there in clusters, catching up on what they missed, and talking about their plans for the semester. I was almost to the stairs when I saw a large pair of wings. I couldn't help but look over, and sure enough, the members of Hellfire Club were gathered next to the stairs. My heart began to race when I saw John. He didn't see me. He was too absorbed in his conversation with Longshot. Okay, I told myself silently. Just keep walking, and stick to the other side of the stairs. Maybe they won't see you, and also pray that you don't fall through the stairs as you go.

Taking a deep breath, I confidently began my trek up the stairs, but it was brought to an abrupt halt when my suitcase hit the stairs, and pulled me back. Damn it, I cursed silently, pulling as hard as I could to make it up at least one step. If my other hand wasn't carrying the cooler, I could've used it to pull the suitcase up, but it wasn't happening. I yanked again, and this time it slipped when it hit the ground again, and I fell forward. I would've hit the floor if it weren't for the body I fell face first into.

"This kitty doesn't have much balance, no?" he chuckled. I managed to step back in surprise, and see it was Remy who caught me. Thank goodness it wasn't John, I thought with relief.

"Thanks Remy," I sighed, scratching my head. "Guess I'm not very balanced after all."

"You just need some assistance," he smiled, holding his hand out for my suitcase. "May I?"

"Thanks," I said, handing it over gratefully. As we made our way up the stairs, I could've sworn I felt eyes burning into my back.

"You excited for the new year Remy?" I asked, trying to think of small talk.

"Call me Gambit," he said as we reached the first landing. "That's my new name. Came up with it over the break. And oui, I'm very excited. It'll be just as eventful as the last." Hopefully not, I thought, thinking of the New York incident again.

"You're sure to have some fun this year Kitty," Gambit smiled, placing my suitcase down once we reached the South Wing.

"Why is that?" I asked, making a face.

"Come on y'all, that's not funny now!" Someone shouted from up ahead. It sounded southern, but what was shocking, was that it was female. With my jaw open in shock, I hurried down the hall and into the common room, where there were two girls putting on some sort of light show, sending sparkling lights everywhere. One had short black hair, and a pair of pink sunglasses on her head, while the other had shoulder-length blonde hair.

"We won't get in trouble," the blonde giggled. "We're just having some fun."

"Yeah, well if a teacher catches ya, don't come crying to me," the southern voice huffed. I looked upward in surprise, and saw a girl with brown and white hair floating on the ceiling. She didn't even have wings!
"Oh! There's another one!" the girl with black hair gasped, the sparks disappearing from her hands. It took me a moment to realize she was talking to me.

"Oh, uh, yes, hi," I stuttered, waving nervously. "Welcome to the Academy."

"You must be Kitty Pryde," the girl with black hair smiled, jumping up from the couch. "The first girl to come here in a very long time right? I'm Jubilee."

"I'm Alison," the blond waved from her seat, not getting up.

"Just call me Rogue," the girl on the ceiling said, lowering herself down just as Remy caught up to me.

"See, told ya you'd have some fun," he smiled, but his eyes were on Rogue.

"And who are you suppose to be?" Rogue asked, giving him a weird look. "Her entourage? She get special treatment since she was the first of us?"

"Not at all," Remy smiled. "Gambit just helped out so she didn't fall down the stairs again."

"Do you see any stairs around here?" she snapped, gesturing with her hands.

"No," he replied, putting down my suitcase and catching her hand, "but I see you Chere." I blinked in surprise when he kissed her gloved hand, and gasped in shock when she yanked it away and slapped him across the face.

"Don't you 'Chere' me," she spat. "Don't think I can't see passed all that 'gentleman' act. You just keep your hands to yourself, and we'll be just fine." Remy's face was red with the outline of her hand. He stood up straight, and showed no expression.

"As you wish," he replied emptily. Stunned, I watched him walk away stiffly, wishing there was something I could do or say.

"Was that really necessary?" Jubilee asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Of course," Rogue replied, waving her hand dismissively. "He's just one a them punks. You see the way he dressed?"

"At least he doesn't dress like a nun," a snotty voice rang. We turned to an open bedroom door, and two more girls came out. One girl had long flowing blonde hair, and the other had shoulder-length pink hair, with a pair of fairy wings coming out of her back. Both of them dressed in uniform already. Whoa, I thought, staring in awe.

"Would you like me to drain you?" Rogue asked, threateningly, taking off one of her gloves. "'Cause believe me girl, I will."

"Oh yeah, you so scare me," the blonde laughed mockingly. The pink-haired managed a smile, but didn't seem like she liked picking on people.

"Where are you headed Emma?" Alison asked, shifting on the couch.

"To check out the Hellfire Club of course," she smiled, flipping her hair. "Only the best get in, and of course, I am one of the best."

"You really think you can get in?" Jubilee asked, lifting an eyebrow doubtfully.

"Of course," she snapped narrowing her eyes. "When they see what I can do, they'll be begging to have me."

"You know, being in the club is not all what it's cracked up to be," I found myself saying. The girls all turned and stared at me.

"And who are you?" Emma snapped, looking at me as if I didn't belong here.

"She was the first girl who came last year," Jubilee gushed.

"So you think you know everything then huh?" she asked, walking right up to me. I blinked and stared up at her with wide eyes. "You think you're better than us because you've been here longer? You think you have dibs on all the guys because you already know them?"

"N-no I-" I stammered, but was cut off too quickly.

"Well you're not!" she shouted. "I am Emma Frost, and I am the one who will be ruling this school. I was captain of the cheerleading team, and also student body president back at my old school. I deserve the best, because I always have the best, and I won't let some know-it-all tell me what is best. What is best is that I join the Hellfire Club, and you of all people can't stop me." With that, she brushed past me, followed closely by the girl with pink hair. Goodness, I thought, my head spinning. Not even here 10 minutes, and I'm being yelled at for being the ruler of the school and having special treatment and dibs on guys...Why?

"Looks like she's above her raisin'," Rogue huffed, putting her glove back on. "I hope I didn't sound like her, or even close to it. I didn't mean for anything I said to be offensive toward you." She looked at me apologetically. "Just have a short fuse for certain types of people."

"But there's nothing wrong with Remy," I explained. "He's really nice, and polite, and he cooks." I remembered the dessert he allowed me to try, and my mouth started watering.

"Oh well, guess I'll just have to find out for myself," she shrugged, floating off down the hallway. "And you just don't go off kissing random girl's hands."

"That's actually the first time I've seen him do that," I replied.

"That's because you're the only girl you've seen him aronud," Jubilee pointed out.


I managed to get settled into my room easy enough. There wasn't any suitcase around the bed on the other side of the room from mine, but I wondered if I would get a roommate. If there was only those few girls, then there was still enough space for everyone to have their own room. I wore my helmet as I put all my things away, still a bit conscious about phasing through the floor. I didn't know what to do with my ice heart. It was still in good shape, but the ice around it was melting. I'd just have to steal ice cubes from the freezer for now. I jumped at the sound of something hitting my door, and it swung open as a girl covered with suitcases stumbled in.

"Hi," she gasped, trying to catch her breath. "I'm new, so I'm not sure if there are any other open rooms."

"Oh, there's lots," I smiled. "We have the entire South Wing, and it's huge."

"Wanna help me find a room?" she asked, a suitcase slipping from under her arm.

"I'll even help you carry this stuff," I suggested, taking a couple things.

"Thanks," she sighed gratefully, brushing her long brown hair out of her face. "I'm Amara."

"Kitty," I nodded. We knocked on all the doors lining the hallways. Those who didn't answer, we peaked in and found clothing and suitcases, and we only encountered a couple rooms with people inside, one including Rogue. We did find quite a few rooms that were empty, and Amara took her sweet time choosing the perfect one.

"Let's go exploring," she suggested, just throwing her things on the floor.

"Exploring?" I asked, making a face.

"Yeah, there's so much school here that we need to find out where everything is," she nodded.

"Well, I already know where everything is," I shrugged, "but we can go look around."

"May I ask what the helmets for?" she wondered, tapping my pink helmet.

"Oh, uh, so I don't hurt myself...," I stammered, taking it off. "You see, my power is slipping through things, like walls, people, floors. I fall through floors often, and so I wear a helmet so I don't get any major injuries."

"That's actually quite smart," she nodded, tapping her chin. "Seems easier to deal with than mine."

"What's your power?" I asked as we made our way down the hall.

"I can create this weird fire stuff with my hands," she explained. "It actually looks like lava. It causes damage just like it too."

"Wow, lava?" I blinked in amazement.

"Yeah," she nodded with a worried. "Once I...I accidentally set fire to my house...but it wasn't with the stuff from my hands..."

"Uh, I don't understand," I replied, scratching my head.

"I...kinda pulled lava from below the Earth's surface," she sighed.

"Whoa, really?" I gasped, eyes wide in surprise.

"Yeah," she nodded, looking shameful. "That's actually why I'm here. Miss Grey found me a few days after the incident and offered me a place here. I took it, and my parents were more than willing to send me here."

"Great choice," I smiled optimistically. "They can teach you how to control your powers better. They do that in gym class. Being in the Danger Room is loads of fun."

"Danger Room?" she repeated, looking confused.

"Don't worry, you'll see soon enough," I nodded. "Come on, I need to go to the kitchen."

"What for?" Amara asked, following excitedly.

"I need some ice," I explained. "You know how to keep something cold inside a freezer without in melting?"

" Ice...," she replied, thinking hard. "But that's what you're doing. What are you keeping cold?" Should I tell her? I thought. Yeah, there'd be no harm, and she's really nice. I could use someone, a girl, to talk to.

"I'll explain, once I get my ice and go back to my room."


I had fun talking with Amara. I had basically told her my whole life story. When we were in the kitchen, we also stole a couple bags of chips and a couple pops. We shared them as I explained about my time here so far, and the stuff about John and Bobby. She listed very tentatively, and asked questions here and there for clarity, squealed at cute romantic parts, and gasped near the end of my explanation.

"And that's when I found this," I ended, motioning to the heart shaped ice in my little cooler.

"That's so romantic," she squealed.

"Yeah it is," I blushed. "I've thought about him all summer, but I wonder if he's thought about me."

"He obviously does," Amara grinned widely. "He gave a you such a beautiful, priceless object that holds deep meaning! He obviously has feelings for you!" My blush deepened and I played with my shirt. We both jumped when there was a banging at our door.

"Perhaps another lost girl trying to find an empty room," she giggled, jumping to her feet and hurrying to answer it. I took another drink as she opened the door, and choked on it.

"There's going to be an assembly in the auditorium," he said, looking down at Amara.

"Alrighty," she nodded. I hoped he wouldn't see me, especially with my face burning, but luck wasn't on my side. He glanced over and his eyes locked onto mine. His eyes widened in surprise, then he quickly turned around and left.

"That was weird," Amara said, closing the door behind him.

"That was him," I whispered, my heart pounding.

"Who?" she asked, blinking widely.


"That was Bobby?" she gasped, dropping down in front of me. "He's so dreamy! Oh, you're so lucky!"

"But he didn't say anything," I sighed, staring down at the floor.

"Maybe because he was just surprised to see you and he wasn't ready," She suggested optimistically. "Kitty Pryde, there's no need to doubt that you got this guy, 'cause you do. That thing is proof right there." She jabbed her finger at my mini cooler. "All you gotta do is talk to him when you're alone. Like after the assembly. I'm sure you'll be able to talk to him then."

"Okay," I nodded, taking in a deep breath. She was right. Very optimistic, but right. I just had to talk to him when no one else was around.

"I'm not sure when it's suppose to start, but we better get going," Amara suggested, pulling me to my feet.

"Lead the way," she smiled, motioning toward the door.

"Why me?" I asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"You know the way to the auditorium," she pointed out. "I don't."

"Oh, right," I chuckled lightly.


The auditorium was practically full when we arrived. There were seats empty here and there, but there were no places with two seats empty next to each other.

"Kitty!" Fred called, waving from the back row. Probably forced to sit there so he's not in anyone's way, I thought walking over to him.

"There's two seats empty next to Scott," he smiled, motioning to the other side of him.

"Scott?" I repeated in surprise. Sure enough, he sat next to Fred, staring straight ahead.

"Hi!" I gasped, plopping down beside him. "How's Alex doing? Is he okay? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he nodded, "and so is Alex."

"Oh thank goodness," I sighed in relief. "Have you heard anything about Professor Xavier?"

"May I have your attention please," Magneto asked from the podium. The room instantly hushed, and all eyes were on him. Beside him stood Beast, Ms Munroe, Professor Rasputin, and a red-headed lady, who I guessed to be Ms. Grey. "Welcome to another year at Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters. I would like to welcome all the new students who have joined us, as well as those who are returning. This year will be a little different than the last. Professor Xavier is still in the hospital, but shall be returning in a few months, and he will be confined to a wheelchair. I hope that you will all treat him with the same respect as you have before." I low hum of whispers spread across the room, but died down when he continued.

"Also, the student Alex Summers is doing well, and shall return to us within the week," he said, scanning the crowd. "I just want to warn you all to be careful. Public displays such as the one that occurred last year are dangerous, and if you don't keep a control of yourself, you could kill someone. Professor Xavier was lucky to have lived." The room was under a blanket of eery silence. "As for school practicals, and schedules, everything will run the same as usual. We hope that your stay here is safe, and pleasant. You are dismissed."

"What a way to start the year," Amara shivered, following me out of the auditorium. "That Scott guy was cute though. You eat lunch with him right?"

"Yes, I do," I nodded with an amused smile. "You can sit with us too."

"Sweet," she grinned brightly.

"Hey Kitty." The voice made me freeze, my heart racing. Oh please no, I thought, turning around slowly. John stood there with his hands shoved in his pockets with a smirk on his face, shades on his eyes as usual.

"Hi," I replied, keeping my voice even.

"I didn't hear from you all summer," he said, taking a step forward, and I took a step back in response. His face hardened, and I swallowed a lump in my throat.

"I'm sorry," I replied, "but I only keep in contact with friends." I didn't sound rude when I said the words, but they did sound harsh.

"What's that suppose to mean?" he demanded, narrowing his eyes.

"I never got to say it, because you and the other Hellfire Club members disappeared," I began, clenching my fists, hoping I wasn't shaking too much. "I hoped you some how would've caught on, but I guess not. So I'm just gonna say it. We're over." He remained unresponsive, just staring down at me, and I felt fear rise in my chest. A hand appeared on my shoulder, and I realized it was Amara giving me silent support. With an annoyed sighed, John looked away.

"I kinda figured that was how it was going to be," he nodded. "Especially after the way you acted after the incident."

"So we're okay?" I asked, hoping not to make a bigger deal out of this.

"Whatever," he shrugged. "I've found someone new anyways." I couldn't help but feel like I was slapped across the face.

"You're such a jerk," Amara scoffed.

"No one's talking to you," he snapped. "You need to mind your own business."

"And you don't have a right to boss me around," she snapped back.

"No Amara, let's just go," I insisted. She didn't argue, and allowed me to push her in the opposite direction.

"Man, I can't stand him already," Amara huffed. "Don't listen to what he said about him finding someone else. You already found someone else too."

"Who would that be?" Kurt asked, appearing before us.

"Whoa!" Amara gasped, stumbling backwards.

"N-no one," I replied, feeling my face get hot. "We're going to go eat. Wanna come?"

"Of course," he smiled. "I'm Kurt, and your name is?"

"A-Amara," she stammered, still trying to slow down her heart rate.

"I see you're glad to have other females at the school," he commented, looking at me.

"Yeah it's okay," I nodded, remembering the yelling I got from Emma. "Not as quiet as it use to be, but it's fine with me."

"I'm starving," Fred grinned, coming up behind us. "Let's go already before my stomach eats itself."

"Sure thing," I beamed. We all followed along eagerly, but I noticed Scott lagged behind. He must still be worried about Alex, I thought. I wonder if he'll be any different when he comes back.

"You think you'll have alone time with Bobby soon?" Amara whispered.

"I hope," I nodded, looking around out of habit. I hope.


AN: Instead of making Magma blonde, I used her physical look from X-men: Evolution, and used her real name Amara instead of Alison, because then I'd have two characters with that name, and it would get confusing. Also, the only classic pairing I'm keeping is RoguexRemy, because I'm a Die-Hard fan of it! XD So the rest will be different pairings. Hope you liked it, and please review to let me know how much.