Title in Cherroke: Wa-ya lake


The moon shone brightly through the trees and in the middle of the woods was a large clearing with a lake at its centre, this is where she stood. Her lightly tanned skin now appeared as white and as translucent as the moon. Sophia stood motionless at the bank staring at her reflection in the water. She saw a young girl with long curly brown hair tumbling down her back and shoulders.

A side fringe and bangs framed her face. She was dressed in a off the shoulder style floor length lilac silk nightgown with a split up to her thigh on one side. A dark purple crescent moon and raven was printed upon her skirt and she was in her bare feet. The reflection although very beautiful deeply disturbed Sophia. The eyes reflected in the lake's crystal clear water weren't hers. They were a startling bright amethyst colour, shaped like the eyes of a wolf.

At first there was only sight, no sound and if she could have, she would have run. Sound crashed into action with a loud snap of wood. Causing her to cry aloud in fear. Her throat became dry with the increased labouring of her breath; the rustle and crunching of leaves were accompanied by the loud beating of her heart which deafened her as the seconds ticked by. Her chest rose and fell rapidly with each breath. Abruptly she realized she was surrounded. Sophia was being hunted. A pack. The dark shadows of her animal like pursuers showing through the moonlight. The snap of large jaws and howls ripped through the air. Large shadows leaped from the covering of the trees. They jumped for her and a terrorised scream rent the air. Everything went black.

Sophia screamed as pushed herself to a sitting position. It was just a dream. A horrific nightmare. Not reality. She was drenched in sweat from head to toe and tears began to stream down her soaked face. Her bedside cabinet clock read 4:44 am. Sophia quickly got up off her bed and stumbled against her dresser where is gathered up her toiletries bag.