So, on another of my bored afternoons in Spain, I decided to go on youtube, and I found this movie, and I honest to god hated the end, so this is my way at writing the end…set six years after the events with the goblins.

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"Father, I will be fine on my own, go, they need you at that conference."

"Irene, what if something happens to you?"

"Father, nothing has happened in six years, and if something does happen, I can defend myself, and I have Crudie, and everyone else."

I know he still thinks about that night nearly six years ago, when I was almost kidnapped and dragged down under the earth to marry that horrid goblin prince. I know he thinks about it, because I still do. I know he doesn't want to leave me alone here again, I know that he feels guilty for what almost happened to me and him not being able to save me. But I am older know, I know how to fend for myself, besides I have Crudie here, when he is not working.

"All right love, I will be back in a fortnight, I love you baby girl."

I smiled as his beard tickled my forehead as he kissed me good-bye.

I watched him leave throw the gate, and slowly disappear. He was gone, I was free to explore.

I ran up the stairs to my room, I saw Tulip curled up in a ball on my bed. I laughed, she is getting too old to drag on my adventures, so for now, she just guards my bed. Opening my wardrobe, I pull on a pair of trousers, which Crudie gave me on one of our adventures. I remember him asking me if I had pants for climbing, when I said know he just laughed, saying he figured, and pulled out a pair form bag, along with a loss fitting white shirt for me to change into. I hid the trousers under my dress, so that people her didn't have a heart attack of seeing there princess running around in pants. I stuffed the shirt my bag, because there was no way to hid that without looking deformed.

"See you later Tulip."


It was lunch break down at the mime, my back was killing me, my hands were bleeding, but it was worth it. Today Irene is going to try and get out of the palace so we can go somewhere, anywhere, and just be care free like the kids we were back before adult life ruined us. Irene, with her studies, me with work.

"Crudie, there you are!"

I felt her thin arms warp around my neck as she pulled me into a hug. Careful not to touch her with my dirty hands, I awkwardly returned the embrace.

"Come on, let's get back to the house for some lunch then we can go on an adventure if you would like."

"I would like that a lot, shall we?"

"Let's shall."

We walked to my house that I lived in alone, besides my hunting dog duke. I moved out a couple years ago to start being independent, and independent is what I am.

"Here, go on inside, I just half to wash up."


I dunked my hands into the cool water in the rain barrel, washed my hands, and splashed water on my face, washing away the sweat.

Once decent I walked into my house, only to find it empty, panic set in, and I called out of Irene.

"Irene, where are you? Irene?"

"Oh Crudie, don't get your knickers in a twist, I was just changing, I hope you don't mind, I left my dress in your room, don't want it to get dirty."

I turned around, and there stood Irene in the Pants I gave her two years ago with the same white shirt. She was beautiful, that I knew since I meet her six years ago, but in man's clothing, she could really pull it off…

"Shall we eat?"

"Yes, from there, we will decide what adventure to go on next."

Well…damn, this was going to be a one shot, but it is getting to long for that, so I will make this a two shot.

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P.s. I don't have office word, so grammar and spelling are horrid.