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Turnip sat at the feet of his owner in silence, listening to her low grumbling while she silently, in the most lady-like fashion she could, cursed everything. The old cat looked tiredly up at the princess and could hardly see her harsh expression past her folded arms, her bickering becoming louder and more annoyed.

And then she snapped.

"It isn't fair!" her still soft, wispy voice cried. The sound bounced off the trees and rocks and echoed right back at her. She hoped that her cry had reached all the way down to the village, which she had a nice view of on the highest cliff in the mountain. She could see everything from up here, even the castle and all of it's towers and brick walls. Turnip was quite sure that if everyone in the village, and even in the castle, stood quiet and still for just a moment they could hear her angry shout from up in the mountains.

Which is exactly what the Princess had wanted.

Irene's hands had come down to her sides in the midst of her yelling, now taking a few short, huffed breaths while trying hard not to sob. No, she wasn't going to that. She was too angry. A good part of her was wanting to scream as many curses she could from the hill top, damning him for doing this to her.

But that wouldn't be very lady-like now would it?

The Princess had never been this angry before. But honestly, what was she to do?

"I waited for you!" she screamed again, the sound coming from deep within her gut, "I did everything I could to BE WITH YOU!"

Her midsection hurt from the screaming but for the moment the pain was quite comforting. Turnip wanted to meow softly, and to remind the girl that he was still here. But before he could gather the courage to interrupt her tantrum, Irene began to pace back and forth.

"This is so… embarrassing. Horribly embarrassing and to think that I would be such a fool!" she yelled, nowhere near as loud as she had last time, and continued pacing over and over again.

"Oh, Turnip… what am I to do?" she broke down and asked sadly, kneeling down before the cat, "I'm nineteen years of age and still haven't married."

The cat meowed a reply and climbed into her lap. Irene stroked his fur softly and bit her lip out of thought.

Most princes around the area had already married, and Irene didn't mind that. She didn't want to marry a prince, she wanted to marry… someone else. But no, Grandmother insisted that she begin to learn magic now before it's 'too late,' whatever that means. But while she had been busy with that, Father had also feared that Irene would never marry due to her determination to be with that miner boy. So now she was spending half her time learning magic she could hardly handle, and the other half learning how to run this kingdom on her own.

Thus, she hardly had any time to spend with Curdie.

Irene had a good hunch that her father was also doing this to separate the two. Though the King had owed a good debt to the boy due to his saving the Princess, he was still forbidden to take her hand in marriage. But while they were still young, her being ten and he being eleven, her father didn't mind the two being friends. He didn't realize that they would still hold onto their 'puppy love' all the way up to near adult hood. And when she had turned fourteen, that is when she started gradually becoming too busy for Curdie.

It wasn't her fault though! This is where it wasn't fair.

For the next five years Irene's responsibilities had started piling up. As a child when first facing the goblins she had hardly any at all and the lesson she had learned in that was to face her fears on her own. Now she was having to learn how to face everything on her own, and that wasn't easy. In fact, it had hardened her quite a bit and rather than being the sweet little girl she was years ago, Irene was now losing patience easily with some things. Everything was piling up, she hasn't had any room to breathe, and growing up from a sweet little princess into a frustrated queen was dawning on her. She was horribly imbalanced with her responsibilities and patience and was doing her best to keep that sweet smile on her face.

But that wasn't why she was so upset.

Father had decided to give her the day off and, after much persuading, convinced Grandmother to allow her a day off as well. When she succeeded in getting so much time to herself Irene didn't hesitate to go and find Curdie. It had been nearly a month since she had last seen him so naturally she had been looking forward to it.

After grabbing her cloak and wearing the most least expensive dress she owned, Irene had made a bee-line for the market in hopes that she could find him there. It was annoying enough to be addressed by nearly every person in the castle when she was simply going to the kitchen, so she did her best to avoid the attention while out in just the village.

She hadn't been out in so long, Irene didn't exactly look for him right away, marveling at some of the shops and their merchandise before turning the corner and finding what she had been looking for. From where she stood just at the end of the street, Irene could spot the back of Curdie's head. His hair had grown down to be shoulder-length, though he still wore his headband. Now that he was around twenty years of age he had also been wearing his father's clothing, which didn't look that different from when he was younger. Now he was just bigger, more masculine from working down in the mines and could fill his father's shoes perfectly.

The only thing that made her falter is the blonde head of hair standing next to him, delicate hands wrapped softly around his elbow as if he had been escorting her. Irene watched silently while the blonde, a girl with fair skin and large doe-like green eyes smiling up at her Curdie while he held up a live turtle. The princess swore she could hear their conversation from so far away, her giggling and gushing over the cute turtle while Curdie pulled out some of his savings to purchase it for her.

It was like something inside of her broke. Like all of the pressure put on her before hadn't phased her until she realized that she was gaining nothing from it. She just wilted, right there, and didn't make her presence known.

And now here she was, setting Turnip back on the ground and beginning to pace back and forth again.

"Why would he do this to me?" she questioned out loud, pulling a twig out of her long red hair that now reached down below her bottom, "He told me he'd wait for the day we were allowed to marry."

Irene faltered, feeling more of her heart break. She felt another outburst coming, this time deeper than just from her gut.

"Oooooh I just want to… want to…!"

"Wring his neck?"

"Yes! And… and…"

"Break his spine?"

Turnip's ears perked up as the stranger had cut into their conversation. The cat slowly turned to look behind them and froze, his ears falling back and pressing against his skull. He began to paw at the princess' ankles in attempt to get her attention, which resulted in her walking away from him in her pacing.

"Yes, that too! And that girl… Oh I'd like to-"

"Rip out her hair, tie it into a noose and hang her from it?"

"YES!" Irene yelled, doing a fist pump into the air. Sure, she was angry and would most likely take all of these things back and pray to god for forgiveness of them, but at the moment every thing that was just suggested to her sounded absolutely lovely.

And then she faltered.

Who was she talking to?

Irene heard Turnip's scared cries and looked over her shoulder. Large yellow eyes looked back with a mischievous gleam in them, their owner leaned up against a rock wall about ten feet behind the princess. Her eyes shifted down to Turnip, and back at the creature still looking at her, looking as if he was about ready to bust a gut laughing.

She finally reacted by jumping out of her position with a loud yelp and backing up into a tree, even though she was well enough away from him that she could see if he were about to make a move.

"Y-you!" she screamed.

"Yes, me," the creature replied with a slight laugh in his tone, despite the lisp he still had in his voice.

"You!" she screamed again, her breathing becoming short, exasperated pants as she tried to process the situation.

"I think we've cleared that by now," the creature said in a bored manner while he began picking his nose, as if that were more entertaining than talking to her. Irene didn't move a muscle, the surprised and frightened expression still on her face while she watched him retrieve a large, yellow booger from his nose and play with it between his finger and his thumb. The silence between them continued like this for upwards three or four breaths before she realized she couldn't stand it anymore. What did he want and why was he here?

"What do you want, Froglip?" she asked while pressing her back further against the tree trunk like it would protect her. The girl had said his name with such distaste that the goblin she was addressing actually smirked a little because of it. Irene swallowed hard and didn't take her eyes off him, watching him flick the booger elsewhere in the woods while looking anywhere but at her.

"Well for one, this is my spot."

"Your spot?"

"Yes, my spot, and you've trespassed in it," the Goblin Prince replied sharply while glaring at her. Irene opened her mouth with a question on the way before he held up a hand and stopped her, while taking his right foot and pushing a shrub he had been standing by down. Behind said shrub was a hole in the wall, big enough for Froglip to crawl through, which probably lead down straight past the mines and into the goblin village.

"This is my spot when I want to come and marvel at what I could have owned by now," he said angrily, "But this time I only surfaced to tell whomever had found this spot to shut the hell up. You're going to wake Mother and if she wakes up early, she'll take it out on me!"

Irene blinked slowly while staring at Froglip, making him think for a second that she hadn't understood a word he said. After a second she let out a huff of breath without taking her eyes off of him, "So you're not here to kidnap me? And I thought your mother cherished you."

"Not yet," he replied coolly while taking his pinkie finger and picking his ear with it, "And to answer your second question, she used to cherish me. But after I failed in retrieving you, she hasn't exactly been the best mother in the world."

"I'd trade you," Irene scoffed with a roll of her eyes before fixing them back on the Goblin. Part of her believed him when he said that he wasn't after her this time while another part said stay on your guard anyway.

The goblin faltered in picking his ear and pulled his pinkie out and simply wiping it on his cape while staring at the princess with a confused look.

"Come again?"

"I said I'd trade you."

"Why on earth would you want to trade mothers?" Froglip nearly exclaimed, almost completely annoyed that someone else would actually want to be in his position right now, "And I'd never trade you mothers in the first place but still… why?"

"Because my mother is dead," Irene put simply in harsh words that somewhat challenged him. Oh, so she wanted a mean contest didn't she? She'd certainly get that!

"That's not my problem," the goblin laughed, "How did she die anyway? Giving birth to you?"

Irene was taken off guard by such a nasty response and before she could stop herself, bared her teeth in a nasty snarl at him. Her fingers twitched while she chanted quietly, feeling the heat of the spell she was about to cast.

Froglip watched her, keeping his eyes squinted in a snarl of his own but didn't quite understand what she was doing. After a moment Irene recoiled, screeching in pain. He could hardly see it from his position but her wrist, for a split second, glowed a bright red and he could actually smell the burning flesh from here.

"Oh I was sure that would work!" Irene cursed, nursing her wrist.

"What was that?"

"Well since you didn't quite get how obvious it should have been, that was magic."

"You're magic?"

"It runs in the royal family," Irene hissed while trying to make her wrist not burn as much. Eventually she settled for not touching it at all and holding it out so that it only stung and didn't feel completely agonizing, "It's actually how my mother died. Not by giving birth to me."

Froglip wanted to snort a reply just to see if she'd hurt herself again trying to cast another spell on him, but right now he was feeling too tired for that. He was woken up in the middle of the day just to come up here and find out the princess didn't exactly get her way with something. Big deal. But when you're woken up after only getting two or three hours of sleep, you'd be too tired to deal with this as well.

"Spells backfired on her a lot too, right?" he asked with a half laugh, earning a glare full of pure hatred sent his way. His smile broadened when he received it.

"If you don't learn to harness your magic, it will devour you. But attempting to harness it is just as deadly. I'm afraid my days are numbered as well if I keep making mistakes like these," she held up her wrist to show him the nasty burn mark that spiraled up her wrist, "Not like you would care though."

"Don't you have a prince to run off to?" Froglip yawned, sliding down into a sitting position against the rock. He was too tired to stand. Irene studied him for a moment and, after deciding he really wasn't here to steal her back, slid into a sitting position as well.

"You are the only single prince left in the area, and Curdie has… already found someone else," she murmured sadly while bringing her knees up to her chest and hugging them. The goblin prince looked at her with a half-frown, remembering that little Sun-boy she was so fond of. And him being the only single prince left? HAH! Froglip was around twenty-two now and has had more than enough ghouls to keep him busy. The only reason he hasn't married was because… well… he didn't want to stick to one.

"I mean, what does she have that I don't?" Irene suddenly exploded. But then she faltered, thinking for a slight second that she knew what this girl had the princess lacked. And that was time for Curdie. It dawned on her then that that's probably why he was with her instead of Irene… they'd spent more time together. Irene groaned and let her head fall forward, hitting her forehead on her knees. How could she be so silly?

The goblin prince shook his head. He had to hand it to her, if he was in her position and stood up by someone as low as this sun-boy, he'd flip out too. But he couldn't tell if it was because she really liked him or if it was simply because she hadn't gotten her way. If there was one thing he had learned when trying to kidnap a princess was that the majority of them weren't as grateful as they could have been, and that irked him. Try sleeping in a cave your entire life, then would they have the right to complain.

But still… he could have a little fun with this, even if he was half awake.

"Hey, like you said, I'm a prince that's still single," he laughed, earning probably the hundredth glare from the girl within ten minutes.

"The only reason you would like to marry me is so you can lock me up and have your way with any human you'd like," she retorted bitterly, "Not to mention you tried forcing me to marry you when I was ten! If you tried waiting until I was older it might have turned out a little different, but you would still end up where you are now either way."

"Are you saying that you'd consider marrying me if I actually liked you, and waited until you were at a respectable age?" he asked.

Irene faltered for a moment, feeling her cheeks heat up at the question before shaking her head, "Pfft! No!"

"Really, now," the prince laughed, "I probably would not enjoy the idea of growing fond of you either. But for the record, if I do ever marry, that person would be the only one I spend my time with."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"That I wouldn't just lock you up and have my way with whomever I liked. When I was thirteen that idea might have been appealing but now that I'm nearing that age where desperation comes to mind, they would be my spouse for a reason. Not just to fulfill some evil plot. I tried that once, it failed. Miserably."

Irene's cheeks felt like fire and for a moment she thought her spell had backfired onto her face as well before realizing that it was actually her. She never knew he'd actually put thought into something and listening to him talk so logically with his lisp was somewhat entertaining. Along with her blush which she eventually forced down, Irene let out a short laugh.

"I can't take you seriously on that. One, you're a goblin, and two, your lisp sounds funny when you say that," she giggled, resting her head on her knees in attempt to hide her face. Froglip snarled at her as she laughed, trying hard to think of a nasty retort to help him recover from such a sentimental speech. Whatever had made him admit to such a thing was going to pay for that later, and hopefully he could address the situation properly after he had gotten more hours to sleep. He gave up after he realized that he wasn't coming up with anything.

Irene giggled and looked back up at him, her blue eyes much brighter than they were a second ago.

"Please say all of that again, it's actually cheering me up a bit."

Froglip looked at her with a dead-pan expression before lifting a fist with his middle finger sticking straight up, the back of his hand facing towards Irene. She was taken aback slightly by the gesture, more or less confused.

"What does that mean?" she asked curiously, cocking her head to the side as if she could see it better that way. Froglip lowered his hand to his side and rested his head against the rock.

"It's sign language for 'I dislike you.' But for you it could be a polite way of saying so too."

Irene smirked and leaned her head against the tree, hearing the waterfall off in the distance. She actually wasn't that far from it, it's where she initially planned on stopping when she was retreating to the woods in the first place. But she was so worked up that she kept going until traveling through the shrubs became tiring, and found this little spot.

Which reminded her that it was actually the Goblin Princes spot to brood quietly while watching the kingdom.

"Do you still want to take over the kingdom?" she asked tiredly, watching everything from so high above was definitely a different perception on the place. She would definitely be coming here more often, despite how greedy Froglip may be.

"That's one of the reasons I come here a lot," he admitted, "To think on whether or not I still want to be surrounded by all of you sun-people with your soft heads and all."

And there was the insult she was waiting for.

"But then I come here to wonder how different things would be if I had succeeded. You are right, I would have locked you away until your skin wrinkled due to the lack of sun you would get. If I had gotten you successfully mother still wouldn't be so mad at me, that's for sure."

The princess snorted in short laughter, trying to picture the Goblin Prince's mother with a brand new pair of rock shoes, stepping on her son's feet. Froglip glared at her before deciding he was too tired and would rather not share anymore with her. He needed to keep his mouth shut. The next time caught her out here he was definitely making sure he was more awake so that he wouldn't talk so seriously. Wasn't the point of coming up here to chase her off anyway?

He looked up at the tops of the trees providing a constant shade on the area, which reminded him that this was also one of the few places he could retreat. Everywhere else was too sunny during the day and open-spaced at night.

Irene sighed and lifted her head to look around. Her cat was missing.

"Turnip?" she called, hoping her cat would answer.

"Hopefully something ate him," Froglip replied dryly, dismissing the situation with a wave of his hand. Irene scowled at his remark and sat up to look around. Yep, Turnip was definitely not here. He probably fled once he realized the Goblin Prince had shown up and ran back to the castle. Irene was surprised that he hadn't come back to check on her just yet, but she might run into him on the way back.

"I should probably get going so I could find him," she started, not knowing how exactly to say goodbye to someone she isn't really interested in seeing again. Froglip just shrugged, closing his eyes sleepily and yawning. Irene frowned, and turned to face him fully before leaving.

"You're actually not so bad to talk to when you're not trying to kidnap me," she said with a confused look on her face, "None the less, you are almost a king in your underground palace anyway. So to be respectful, and thankful that you didn't kidnap me," she curtseyed before him and turned to walk away.

"I was actually hoping you'd reward me with a kiss," he called after her while opening one eye to watch her leave. He saw Irene's hand fly up behind her, making a fist with her ring finger sticking straight up. Froglip cackled loudly, "That's the wrong finger!"

She paused for a second to look down at her hand and flex her fingers before sticking her fist up once more, now with the correct middle finger showing off. Froglip chuckled before slowly getting up form his spot and heading back down into the cave. Irene could definitely learn a thing or two from him, he thought while crawling back down into the goblin village. Damn, he was tired…

A/N: Forgot to mention up top. Irene's Great-Great-Grandmother has magic, I figured a nice touch would be that she would have to learn it too eventually. A twist, though, that learning Magic is very dangerous and can actually kill you if it backfires wrong. But not learning it will cause the Magic to sort of break down your body.

Again, these are just for fun so no flames, please. If you don't like it then say so nicely, and if you criticize please do so nicely. Thanks for reading! =D