A/N I came up with this a few weeks ago. It was also inspired by a Lion King story, Time Warped, which has a similar plot. In this one, Irene is taken back to the past to uncover secrets about Dirtclaw. I only own Eileen, Dirtclaw, and other OC things. I don't own the Princess and the Goblin or its characters.

Chapter 1

Back to the Beginning

When Princess Irene K. Madcleaver awoke that morning, she thought it would be an ordinary day. It felt like one at first. But as it progressed, she ended up learning quite a bit about her husband, Prince Froglip Madcleaver, and his enemy, Dirtclaw the Wolf Assassin. Let's read on, shall we?

Irene sat at her window, gazing out at the kingdom. "It's such a beautiful morning." She sighed; she turned to her husband, Prince Froglip. "Don't you agree?"

"Hmm?" He perked up his ears as though he hadn't been listening. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I was thinking of something."

"Of what?"

"Well, when we were younger, Dirtclaw would often compliment on mornings. He was so young and innocent back then."

"I'm sorry, but I can't understand how that monster could be innocent when he was a pup."

"Well he wasn't born vicious and murderous. He was actually good."

"Good? Good?" Irene cried incredulously. "How could that beast be good? Do you mean to tell me he didn't kill anyone when he was young? Well I find that hard to believe!"

"Fine! Don't believe it! But he was once good," Froglip stormed out of the room. "Whether you believe it or not!" He slammed the door shut.

Irene sighed and fell back on her bed. "Oh Grandmother, I didn't mean to hurt him," She said to no one. "But, I just can't believe that that monster was once good. I wish I could just find out for myself; perhaps go back to the past."

When she said that, there was a bright light. She sat up and shielded her eyes. Soon the light dimmed. She removed her hands; there was a wolf in her room. It was a large black wolf, with bat-like wings on its back, rose-red eyes, and a kind smile. It looked somewhat translucent. "Hello Irene." It said in a dreamy voice; it was a female.

"Who are you?" Irene said softly. "Are you magic?"

The female Wolf-Bat smiled kindly and shook her head. "No, I am a ghost."

"A ghost?"

"Yes. I have been dead for nearly 14 years."

"Oh…" Irene didn't know what else to say. "I'm sorry."

"Why? T'was my time to die. I admit, I never expected it, but I have now accepted it. We all die someday, some earlier than others, but we all know our fate. We should welcome it, rather than oppose or be afraid of it."

Irene nodded. "I suppose that is true. But, who are you?"

"My name is Eileen."

"Do…do you know Dirtclaw?"

"I do indeed." Eileen nodded. "You see, my dear, he is my son."

Irene's eyes widened. "You…you're his mother?"

"Yes." She nodded.

"What are you doing here?"

"I heard the argument between you and your husband, and offer a solution. You wish to see Dirtclaw's past? Very well, I shall take you. Hold my wing." She unbent her left wing a little.

Irene looked back at the door Froglip had exited hesitantly. "Do not worry, when we leave, no time shall pass here. It will be as though we never left. Trust me."

Irene sighed and nodded and laid her hand on Eileen's wing bone; to her surprise, it was solid. "Spirits of the earth and sky, hear my cry," She said in a hypnotic voice. "Begin the phase, bring us back to the olden days! Back to the past, as fast as fast, spirits of my olden pack, bring us back!"

As she said the first verse, the room began to spin; they stayed in one place though. As she continued, the room spun faster and fast, so fast it was a blur. When she cried "back", the room exploded with a crack; colors flew past them as though they were traveling though a tunnel. Irene gripped the female Wolf-Bat tightly with fright.

"Do not be afraid, we are safe." She smiled. "We should be there soon."


Suddenly, a flash of bright white light swallowed the pair as a shrill whistle sounded; when it cleared, Irene and Eileen were in a lush green meadow with a wide river, several bushes, and small forest. "Where are we?" Irene asked.

"Where we should be." Eileen said. "We are in the Wolf-Bat Meadow. This is where Dirtclaw was raised, and adopted."

A/N This is kinda short, but this is just introducing the main characters: Irene, and Dirtclaw's dead mother, Eileen. I just thought of the name "Eileen", and it sounded pretty, so I used it for his mother.

If you'd like, you may come up with your own theories on how Eileen died. It'll be revealed in the next chapter though.