Dana Scully was a forty-two year old woman with shoulder length red hair, blue eyes with freckles across her nose. She was in the middle of her shift at a private Catholic hospital where she worked as a physician working with children. Scully was sitting at her desk filling out some paperwork before she went to take her lunch.

Meanwhile in the waiting room Fox Mulder, Dana Scully's husband, was sitting in a chair while holding a small female toddler. Mulder was forty-four years old with short dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He also has a constant five o'clock shadow.

The toddler in Mulder's arms was his and Dana Scully's daughter. Storm was a little over two and a half years old. She had brown hair and hazel eyes like her father, but had more of her mother's looks including freckles across her nose and cheeks.

Mulder was reading a book to his child while he waited for his wife to go to lunch. Storm was cuddled up to her father as she held onto an obviously loved stuffed fox. The older man looked down at his child and smiled.

"Hey Dana, it looks like your husband and daughter are here for lunch," one of the nurses Scully worked with mentioned to her as she set more paperwork down on the desk. Scully looked up at the woman and nodded.

"Are they here already? Thanks for letting me know Julie," Scully smiled at the younger woman. Julie returned the smile and went back to the front reception desk.

About five minutes later, Scully stood up from her desk and pushed her chair in. She walked back up to Julie and set the completed paperwork back on her desk. Julie looked up at Scully.

"Here is that paperwork the patient requested. I am going to go take my lunch now. I'll be back in a short while," Scully explained as she looked over at her family. Mulder caught his wife looking at them and grinned. Julie nodded and went back to her work.

As Scully exited the doorway from the department she worked in, Mulder slowly stood up and approached his wife. Storm mumbled unhappily as she looked up at her father not understanding why he stopped reading to her.

"Hi sweetheart," Scully said happily as she took her toddler from her husband. Storm quickly realized what was going on and hugged onto her mother tightly. The older woman smiled and gave her husband a quick kiss.

"What about me?" Mulder laughed as he returned his wife's kiss. Scully smiled and hugged her husband for a moment before pulling away.

"I missed you too handsome," Scully teased before she turned her attention back to her child. Storm was playing with her mother's shirt.

"Mama red!" Storm mumbled happily as she played with her mother's shirt. Mulder grinned proudly at his child since he has been trying to teach her colors.

Mulder was a stay at home father while his wife worked. The older man didn't mind his current occupation. He was staying low and out of the U.S. government's watchful eye, and he got to raise a child with the woman he loved. Plus Scully's income was more than enough to support her family.

"That's right baby! Mama's shirt is red!" Scully praised and showed her child some affection. Storm mumbled happily and hugged her stuffed fox close to her. Mulder smiled at his family and lead them to the cafeteria.

"Look Stormy. They have chicken for lunch. Do you want chicken?" Scully asked happily. Storm nodded and hugged her mother tightly. Mulder smiled and grabbed a tray for their family.

"I love you Storm," Scully spoke quietly to her child. Storm nodded and snuggled on her mother. The woman smiled and ordered food for her family.

As the family was settling down into a booth, Storm was becoming quite clingy with her mother. Scully smiled down at her child as she cut up Storm's chicken. The toddler was rubbing her eyes.

"N-a-p soon?" Scully spelled out for her husband. Mulder nodded as he got Storm's juice into a sippy cup. Scully smiled and gave her daughter her fork.

"Thank Mama," Storm mumbled as she started eating. The older woman smiled, and started eating herself. Mulder smiled and started to get into a conversation with his wife.

Soon after they family finished eating, Scully was holding and rocking her child. Storm was rubbing her eyes and mumbling unhappily as Mulder went through the diaper bag looking for his daughter's blanket.

"Um, Dr. Scully? Can we bother you for a moment?" a younger man and woman quietly spoke to Scully. Scully looked up at the couple and smiled. Mulder pulled out the blanket.

"Sure one second. Stormy, Daddy needs to hold you while I go talk to these nice people okay sweetheart?" Scully explained to her daughter softly. Storm pouted and shook her head. Mulder sighed, wrapped the blanket around his daughter, and took her from her mother.

"Mama will only be gone for a second, then she'll hold you again, do you understand?" Mulder scolded softly. Storm whined and rubbed her eyes as she nodded. Scully kissed her daughter as she handed her, her stuffed fox.

"Thank you. We don't mean to interrupt your lunch, but we have a few questions about our daughter," the woman said with an upset tone to her voice. Scully gave the woman an understanding smile.

"It's no problem Monica. How can I help you and Scott?" Scully smiled at the couple as she walked a few feet away from her family for privacy. Storm watched her mother for a few moments before cuddling up with her father.

"Hey sweetheart. Sorry. Mommy is still at work," Scully spoke softly as she picked her child up. Storm whined and rubbed her eyes as Scully sat down with her in her arms. The toddler turned towards her mother and started to fall asleep.

Scully smiled as she snuggled Storm as she finished her lunch. Mulder grinned as he watched his wife take care of their child.

Around ten minutes later, Mulder took care of the family's trash, as Scully rocked and watched their child. Storm was grabbing onto her mother as she slept.

"Here hun. I got her. You can go back to work," Mulder spoke softly as he took Storm from his wife. The toddler whined as she wrapped her arms around her father's neck and fell right back asleep.

"Thanks Mulder. I'll see you when I get home tonight," Scully smiled as she kissed her husband lovingly. Mulder grinned and snuggled on his wife. The older woman kissed her daughter goodbye before she walked back to her department.

Later that afternoon Mulder was sitting on the sofa chair reading a conspiracy book he recently bought. His daughter was sitting on the floor in front of the TV watching "Finding Nemo" while having a few toys in front of her. Soon the front door opened.

Scully walked through the front door finally home from work. The older woman set down her purse and removed her shoes. As she stood up, she put her jacket away, then went off to find her family.

"Hey, I'm home," Scully smiled at her family as she walked into the living room. Storm looked up at her mother, waved for a second, then went back to watching her movie. Mulder saw his wife, grinned and stood up.

"How was work hun?" Mulder smiled as he approached his wife. Scully smiled at the older man as he hugged her close to him. Mulder leaned down and kissed his wife lovingly.

"It was okay. That couple I was talking to earlier, their daughter isn't doing to well. I felt a bit bad since I was holding our daughter and she's perfectly healthy," Scully explained. Mulder nodded and snuggled on his wife. The woman gave her husband a small smile.

"Cases like that make me so thankful our baby is healthy even though she has some behavioral issues," Scully explained as she laid on her husband. Mulder nodded, kissed his wife again before he lead her over to the couch.

The woman smiled and sat on the couch. Mulder sat next to his wife, and wrapped his arm around her, holding her close. Scully cuddled up to her husband and watched the movie that was on TV.

The toddler was happily playing with her toys her parents watched the movie. Soon Storm was becoming whiney and on the verge of throwing a fit. Scully smiled, got off the couch, and sat down next to her daughter.

"Hey what's wrong sweetheart?" Scully spoke softly. Storm was mumbling unhappily and kicking at her stuffed animal.

"No. Stormy, tell Mama what is wrong," Scully said firmly as she looked at her daughter. Storm shook her head and rubbed her eyes.

"Storm, if you won't tell Mama, can you tell me what's upsetting you?" Mulder asked softly. Storm shook her head and threw her fox. The older man was taken aback when his daughter threw her favorite toy.

"Hey, hey. We do not throw our toys," Mulder scolded. Storm nodded and pouted. Scully smiled and brushed her daughter's hair out of her eyes. Storm pouted and pushed her mother's hand away.

"Stormy, you need to use your words. Tell us what you want," Scully tried to speak calmly. Storm shook her head and covered her ears. Scully sighed as Mulder leaned in and kissed his wife.

"I'm going to start making dinner. Maybe she's hungry," Mulder smiled. Scully nodded and watched her husband left the room. Storm was still throwing a fit and trying to hide.

The older woman sighed and looked up at the TV. When she realized the movie was over she stood up and looked for another movie to put on. The toddler looked up at her mother. Scully picked out two movies and showed them to her daughter.

"Sweetheart do you want to watch Toy Story or The Aristocats?" Scully asked softly. Storm whined and hid her face in her hands. Scully smiled as she knelt down next to her daughter and waited for an answer.

"Kitty," Storm mumbled unhappily. The older woman smiled and got up to go change the movie. The toddler peeked at her mother through her hands and mumbled.

As the movie started, Scully went and sat on the floor against the couch. The toddler slowly uncovered her face and looked up at the TV. Storm pointed at the TV and looked around for her mother. When she realized her mother wasn't right next to her, Storm got up and waddled over to her mother.

"Mama hold," Storm mumbled as she reached for a hug. Scully smiled as she collected her daughter and held her close. The toddler mumbled and held onto her mother happily.

"I love you Stormy," Scully spoke softly. Storm nodded as she laid on her mother. The older woman smiled and snuggled on her child as she watched the movie.

About twenty minutes later, Mulder walked into the living room. Scully looked up at her husband and smiled. Storm was mumbling softly as she watched the movie.

"Hey dinner is ready. I made some pork chops and mashed potatoes," Mulder spoke softly as he knelt down next to his family. The toddler looked up at her father. Scully smiled at her child.

"Tato," Storm mumbled as she looked up at her father. Mulder smiled and nodded as Storm let go of her mother and grabbed onto her father. The older man grinned and carried his child to the kitchen. Scully smiled and followed after her family.

After dinner Mulder had his child in the bathroom trying to give her a bath. The toddler was whining and splashing at the water. Soon Scully entered the bathroom in her pajamas.

"Hey hun," Scully smiled at her husband. Mulder looked up at his wife and grinned. The woman sat down next to Mulder and kissed him gently.

"No!" Storm yelled and splashed the water at her mother. The water hit Scully and she gave her daughter a strict look.

"You do not splash me with the water! Now I have to go change again!" Scully scolded her child. Storm suddenly realized what she did and refused to look at her mother. Scully gave her daughter a small smile and took over washing her.

The man chuckled and watched his wife and daughter. When Storm realized her mother was still going to wash her she mumbled unhappily and tried to play with her rubber ducks. Scully looked over at her husband and smiled.

"Here," Mulder spoke softly as he handed his wife a bath towel. Storm mumbled as her mother took the towel from her father. Scully spoke softly to her daughter as she got her out of the bath.

"It's night night Stormy," Scully spoke softly as she dried her daughter off. Storm mumbled as she grabbed onto her mother as she watched her father leave the bathroom.

"Sowwy Mama," Storm mumbled as she grabbed onto her mother. Scully smiled and kissed her daughter before she walked to her daughter's bedroom.

"Here Stormy," Mulder spoke softly as he put a diaper on her. The toddler whined and turned towards her mother. Scully shushed her daughter and showed her some affection.

"Look. Daddy got your fox pajamas for you sweetheart," Scully spoke softly. Storm nodded as she set her daughter down on the bed. Mulder smiled as he put the pajamas on his child.

"Dada fox," Storm mumbled as her father finished dressing her. Scully smiled and gave her daughter her stuffed fox. Mulder smiled and went over to the bookcase to pick out a story for Storm.

"Hey hun, can you grab the first Harry Potter book? I've been reading that to Storm and she seems to be enjoying it," Scully looked up at her husband as she tried to tuck her daughter in bed. Mulder nodded, grabbed the book his wife wanted, and brought it over to her.

"Mama cuddles," Storm mumbled needily. Scully smiled at her child and looked at her husband.

"I can read her the next chapter or two tonight if you want to cuddle her," Mulder explained. Scully nodded as she laid down with her daughter. Storm mumbled happily as she cuddled up to her mother.

"Hey Mulder we're on chapter five," Scully explained as she held her daughter close to her. Mulder nodded as he opened the book and started to read. Soon the toddler was fast asleep.

When Scully realized her daughter was fast asleep, she slowly got out of the bed. Mulder made sure his daughter was covered and fast asleep before he and his wife left the room.

"Well handsome, let's go to bed before we have any interruptions," Scully smirked at her husband as she pulled him close. Mulder grinned and kissed his wife deeply before they retired to their bedroom.

A few hours later, the couple was awoken to Scully's phone ringing. Mulder groaned and tried holding his wife close to him. Scully mumbled and smacked her husband as she picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Scully said groggily as she picked up the phone. Mulder cuddled up to his wife and started kissing on her.

"Right now? Yeah I'll be there as soon as I can. Yup. Okay bye," Scully yawned as she hung up the call. Mulder yawned and snuggled into his wife.

"Get off me you idiot. I gotta go to work," Scully mumbled as she climbed out of the bed to get dressed. Mulder sat up and pouted.

"Why do you have to go? It's the weekend," Mulder looked at his wife sadly. Scully turned to her husband and gave him a sympathetic smile as she approached him.

"Remember that couple I was talking to earlier today? Their daughter took a turn for the worst and they asked me to be there," Scully smiled. Mulder nodded with understanding as he got out of bed to pull some pants and a shirt on.

"Oh. It was one of those calls. Alright. I'll go sleep with Storm in case you aren't home before she wakes up. She knows you're supposed to be home tomorrow," Mulder smiled at his wife. Scully smiled at her husband and gave him a loving kiss. Mulder smiled and kissed her wife.

"Thank you hun. I love you so much," Scully smiled as she collected her coat and headed downstairs. Mulder watched his wife leave before he went to his daughter's bedroom to lay down with her for the night.