The next morning, Storm slowly woke up from her nights rest. The toddler whined unhappily and rolled over to see what parent was with her. Mulder was fast asleep snoring away.

"Daddy," Storm mumbled unhappily as she pushed on her father. Mulder groaned and yawned as he woke up. The toddler was hugging her fox close to her and looking around.

"Hi sweetheart," Mulder spoke softly. Storm mumbled unhappily as she grabbed onto her father. Storm knew when her father was in her bed, her mother was probably gone.

"Mama gone?" Storm said with her lip trembling. Mulder gave his daughter a small smile and held her close. Storm rubbed her eyes trying not to cry.

"Aww, Stormy it's okay," Mulder smiled as he cuddled on his child. Storm suddenly started to cry. The older man sighed and held his child close as she cried. Every weekend Storm looked forward to spending time with her mother, and hated when she got called into work.

Soon Storm calmed down enough for Mulder to get out of bed. The older man got his daughter a new pull-up and an outfit. Storm laid back down and rubbed her eyes as her father changed her.

When Mulder was done, he picked his child up and hugged her close as he walked downstairs. Storm mumbled as she looked down at her shirt. Mulder put his wife's favorite shirt on their daughter today and Storm knew it.

"Here Stormy, Daddy is going to make some eggs," Mulder smiled as he set his daughter down in her booster seat. Storm mumbled and looked up at her father. The older man kissed his child happily before going off to make breakfast.

After breakfast Storm was sadly playing in the living room with her stuffed animals as her father was cleaning the kitchen. Suddenly Storm heard the front door of the house open. The toddler quickly got up and ran to the front door.

"Mama!" Storm started crying hard when she got to the front door. Scully quickly set down her purse and picked up her child and held her close. The toddler whined and cried as she hugged her mother tightly.

"Shh shh. You're okay," Scully spoke softly as she held her child close. Mulder soon walked over to the front door after he heard the commotion. When he saw his wife and child he smiled.

"Hey hun," Mulder spoke softly. Scully smiled at her husband with tears in her eyes. Mulder realized what happened and held his wife close. Scully leaned into her husband trying not to cry.

"I love you Dana, so much," Mulder spoke softly. Scully nodded and tried to wipe her eyes. Storm looked up at her mother, and when she saw she was crying, Storm tried to help Scully wipe her eyes. Scully smiled down at her daughter.

"I love you too Fox," Scully looked up at her husband and kissed him deeply. The older man smiled and kissed his wife back. Storm mumbled and looked up at her parents happily.

"Stormy, would you like to take a nap with Mommy?" Scully asked her daughter happily. Storm nodded and hugged her mother again. Mulder smiled and went back to the kitchen. Scully looked down at her daughter and walked up to her bedroom.

"Mama pretty," Storm mumbled happily as she played with her mother's hair. Scully smiled and entered her bedroom. The woman gently set her daughter on the bed and looked her over. Storm was wearing a shirt that said "Mommy's Princess" with her black leggings.

"Did Daddy dress you today Stormy?" Scully asked her daughter. Storm smiled and nodded before she went back to playing with her stuffed fox. The older woman kissed her daughter before she changed into her pajamas.

The toddler looked up at her mother and mumbled happily. Storm knew her mother was having a bad day. When Scully had her rough days at work, she tried to spend as much time with her child as possible. The toddler rubbed her eyes as her mother climbed into bed.

"Come lay down with Mama," Scully encouraged her daughter. Storm quickly crawled over to her mother and laid on her mother's pillow. The woman smiled as she laid down with her daughter. The toddler quickly cuddled up to her mother and played with her mother's cross necklace.

Scully smiled and yawned as she held her daughter closely in her arms. Storm mumbled as her mother held her protectively. Soon Scully was fast asleep. The toddler snuggled closer to her mother as she listened to her mother breathing. Soon the child fell asleep as well.

That afternoon Storm was following her mother around closely as she got ready to go grocery shopping to get food for the week. The older woman smiled down at her daughter. The toddler was holding her stuffed fox close to her and mumbling to herself.

"Mulder, are you ready yet?" Scully called out to her husband. The toddler looked up at her mother and mumbled happily. The woman picked up her child and held her close as she went off to look for her husband.

"Hey are you ready yet?" Scully asked as she opened the door to her husband's office. Mulder was sitting at his desk with earphones on oblivious to his wife. Scully sighed and removed the headphones. Mulder quickly looked up, saw his wife, and realized what happened.

"Hey sorry, I couldn't hear you," Mulder looked up at his wife and grinned. Scully groaned and rolled her eyes. The older man chuckled and stood up from his desk.

"We're ready to go to the grocery store. I was asking if you were ready as well," Scully said as she gave her husband a stern look. The toddler mumbled happily as she pointed at each flower on her mother's blouse. The older man grinned at his child.

"Yeah I'm ready," Mulder smiled as he followed his wife downstairs. Scully smiled and held her child close as Mulder grabbed the diaper bag and the car keys. Storm whined and hugged her mother tightly as the family left their home.

At the grocery store, Storm was sitting in the child seat as her father pushed the cart. The toddler was trying to grab at her father's wedding ring. Mulder looked down at his child and smiled.

"Stormy, do you want fish crackers or bear crackers this time?" Scully asked as she showed her daughter her choices. The toddler grabbed onto her father's fingers and ignored her mother.

"Hey you need to listen to Mommy," Mulder scolded Storm softly. The toddler whined unhappily and looked up at her parents. Scully smiled and brushed her daughter's hair out of her eyes.

"Bear," Storm mumbled. Scully kissed her daughter happily as she put the Teddy Grahams into the cart. The toddler picked up her stuffed fox and showed her parents. The older woman smiled at her daughter.

"Yes Storm. That is your fox," Scully replied as her husband and her walked down the snack aisle picking out some snacks for them and their child. The toddler went back to playing with her father's hands.

"Stormy, Mama has another question for you," Scully spoke to her child softly as she showed Storm two different kinds of fruit snacks. The toddler mumbled, pointed at one of the boxes and went back to playing.

"You spoil her too much Dana," Mulder teased his wife playfully. The woman rolled her eyes and gently smacked her husband. The man grinned and kissed his wife.

"Mama," Storm mumbled as she reached up for her mother. Scully looked at her daughter and smiled.

"Not right now sweetheart. We're busy," Scully said happily as she and her husband kept shopping. Storm mumbled and settled down.

About ten minutes later, Storm was getting fussy again. Mulder was trying to keep his daughter quiet by playing with her but she wasn't interested. Scully sighed.

"Stormy. What do you need? You need to use your words," Scully tried to calmly explain. The toddler mumbled and whined again as she reached for her mother.

"Mama accident," Storm said sadly. Scully gave her daughter a small smile as she picked up the diaper bag. The older woman then unbuckled her child and picked her up out of the cart.

"If you need to go potty you need to let Daddy or me know before you have an accident okay sweetheart?" Scully asked happily. Storm nodded and hugged her mother tight. The woman smiled and kissed her daughter again as she headed towards the bathroom. Mulder smiled and followed his family.

"I'll wait here for you, while you change her Scully," Mulder smiled. Scully nodded and headed into the bathroom. Storm mumbled and played with her mother's shirt.

"Here Stormy," Scully spoke softly as she laid her daughter down on the changing table. The toddler mumbled happily as her mother set down the diaper bag and got her a new pull up.

Storm mumbled again and watched her mother as she started to change her. Scully made faces at her child as she started to remove the pull up.

"Dr. Scully? Is that you?" a familiar voice asked. Storm mumbled unhappily as her mother looked towards the voice.

"Hey Monica. You're out grocery shopping already?" Scully asked as she wiped and redressed her child. Storm tried to chew on her hand. Scully quickly removed Storm's hand from her mouth and scolded her.

"Yeah. Scott and I don't have any food at home, and since we don't have to visit Caitlin anymore," the woman trailed off. Scully smiled sympathetically towards the other woman as she threw away the pull up and picked up her daughter.

"I'm sorry Monica. It's gotta be so hard, I can't even imagine losing my baby. I'm happy you're trying to continue your normal life," Scully smiled. Storm tried to hide her face in her mother's neck. The toddler hated meeting new people.

"Is that your daughter?" Monica asked softly. Scully smiled and tried to show her daughter off. Storm whined and tightened her grip on her mother.

Meanwhile outside the bathroom, a man exited the men's restroom and stood next to Mulder. Mulder tried his best to avoid eye contact with the man. The man looked Mulder up and down and spoke.

"Um, I don't want this to be awkward but is your wife Dr. Scully?" Scott spoke to Mulder. Mulder looked over at the man and realized it was Scott from the day before.

"Yeah. You and your wife wanted to talk to her yesterday," Mulder said flatly, just wanting his family to return to him. Scott nodded sadly.

"Yeah. Sorry for calling her in this morning as well. My daughter Caitlin passed away this morning," Scott was obviously upset. Mulder gave Scott a small smile and nodded.

"Yeah. I knew she had someone pass away when she came home," Mulder said with a sympathetic tone. Scott nodded with tears in his eyes.

"She's a wonderful doctor. I couldn't of asked for anyone better for my daughter. Oh my name is Scott by the way," Scott said as he reached out to shake Mulder's hand. Mulder looked down at Scott's hand and shook it.

"My name is Mulder," Mulder replied. Scott gave Mulder a funny look.

"Mulder Scully? That's an unusual name," Scott commented. Mulder gave a small chuckle.

"No my name is Fox Mulder, but only Dana calls me Fox. Dana kept her maiden name when we got married," Mulder explained. Scott nodded.

"Dada!" Storm cried for her father as Scully walked out of the bathroom. Mulder shushed his child as he took her from his wife. As he looked up he noticed Monica was with Scully.

"Oh hello Scott. It's good to see you guys trying to grocery shop," Scully smiled at the man. Scott smiled as his wife walked to his side. Storm mumbled unhappily as she tightened the grip on her father.

"We're trying to move on like the grief counselor told us too. We're going to try to complete a list of Caitlin's favorite activities as well to help us move on," Scott smiled at Mulder and Scully. Scully returned the smile as Mulder put his attention into his child.

"Well it was nice seeing you two again. Thank you for everything Dr. Scully, and it was nice meeting your family," Monica smiled. Scully nodded happily at the couple.

"It was nice seeing you guys too. I just wish we met on different circumstances. You guys have a good day," Scully said as she watched the couple. The couple smiled at Scully and returned to their shopping.

"Storm, do you want to help your Mama pick out fruit?" Mulder asked, hoping his daughter would go back to shopping. Storm nodded and rubbed her eyes again. Scully smiled and took her daughter from her husband.

"Mama tired," Storm mumbled. Scully kissed her daughter and held her close. The toddler laid on her mother and tried to suck on her thumb.

"No don't do that," Scully scolded as she removed Storm's thumb from her mouth. The toddler cried slightly and looked up at her mother.

"You can take a nap in the car, okay?" Scully smiled down at her daughter. Storm nodded and grabbed her mother's shirt as they finished their grocery shopping.