Mulder could hear her breathing as he read over the case file. Looking up, he smiled as he saw her laying across his bed with her mouth open and the crime scene photos in her hand.

It had been three days of late nights and far too early mornings and he knew she was tired, judging by the way she had yawned all through dinner. He had volunteered to pick up food and she nodded as she sat at the small table in his room. Grabbing a burger for him and a salad with a side of onion rings for her, he came back to the room.

She was looking at the file, but moved it aside to make room for the food. The only thing they had less of the past few days besides sleep, was food. Eating it quickly, she only stopped to yawn and sigh loudly, saying how tired she was as he nodded in agreement.

He had cleaned up the food and she took off her shoes, sitting cross legged on the middle of his bed, while he remained at the table. She yawned many times as they sat there, each of them quiet as they tried to figure out the case. He did not know how much time had passed when he realized she was very quiet and he had not heard her yawning in a while.

He watched her now, the way her hair spilled across her cheek and he set down the items in his hands. Standing up, he walked over to the foot of the bed and knelt down in front of her, careful not to touch the bed and wake her.

He saw her hair lightly puffing up as she breathed and he smiled. Lighter than he thought he could ever touch someone, as though he was playing some game of Operation, trying to avoid the shocking sides, he tucked her hair behind her ear, and caressed her cheek. She moaned in her sleep, but did not move.

She was so beautiful, sometimes it was hard to see past it, especially recently. After living together undercover, he was drawn to her more physically than he had been in the past. Seeing her day and night for days, made him ache for her in ways he never had before. Six years together, he had seen her in every possible way, but not as a wife.

Lover… Christ, yes.

He had dreams about taking her, her buttons ripping from her clothes as he was far too impatient to wait. But then, he knew that should he ever have the chance, he would want to go slow and take his time, savor every second he had to be with her.

She stirred in her sleep and exhaled a breath. Standing up, he grabbed the end of the comforter and covered her, taking the photos from her hand. She sighed but did not wake. He took the other corner of the blanket and wrapped it over her from the other side. A Scully burrito.

Smiling, he turned around and shut off the lights. Looking at her once more, he stepped into her adjoining room and took off his clothes, getting under the covers in his undershirt and boxers. He sighed as he closed his eyes, smelling her scent in the pillows. Exhausted, he was asleep in minutes.

Rolling over, he hit something and opened his eyes. In the dark of the room, he saw Scully beside him and he blinked, sure he was seeing things.

"Scully?" he asked and he heard her moan. "Scully, what…?"

"It was freezing in your room," she murmured and then sighed. "Just shut up and go to sleep." He smiled and moved a little closer, putting an arm over her on the outside of the covers.

Her feet touched his shins and he opened his legs slightly, allowing her to put her feet between them as she hummed contentedly. Feeling her close, smelling her hair, he fell asleep again.

He dreamt of their time in Arcadia, except this time, she initiated the physical side of their play acting. She smiled and stood close to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as they stood in the driveway, telling him the neighbors were watching, and they should give them a good show.

She walked away and he floated up the stairs behind her, the sway of her hips like a siren's song. He stood behind her as she slowly took off her green face mask, catching a glimpse of her thighs every time she bent over in a very short nightgown.

"This is what you want?" she asked, suddenly very close to him and he saw her breasts pushed up, creating a deep valley of cleavage. Unable to look away, he lost himself in the creamy mountainous orbs.


He turned and looked back, alone in the bathroom.


He stepped out and found Scully on her back, lying sideways on the bed, her nightgown riding high up her thighs, her panties almost visible. Walking over as she beckoned him with her finger, he glanced at her thighs, nearly fainting when she opened her legs and hooked one around him, pulling him even closer.


He looked down again and she was gone, but he heard her calling to him. Down the stairs he went and found her in the kitchen, wearing the same outfit as when they moved into the house, except she was smiling and cutting up vegetables. The picture of a dutiful happy little housewife.

"There you are, my dearest. Dinner is almost ready. I hope you will enjoy it." Looking at him, he saw her eyes were lifeless and her smile phony. He stepped closer, not quite believing what he was seeing and needing to see her.

"Scully. Scully, look at me. Scully!"

"What, Mulder?" He heard and opened his eyes, waking up in the motel room, Arcadia miles away. "Why are you yelling, Mulder? God, please just go to sleep. I'm so damn tired."

He breathed a sigh of relief. The last part of the dream had been especially terrifying. His heart was racing and his breathing sporadic as he

Just a dream, he thought. It was just a dream.

She turned over and rested her head against his shoulder, breathing deeply. He swallowed and took a big chance, lifting his arm and allowing her the choice to lay further into him. She did so without hesitation, her head on his chest, a hand resting on his stomach. Now his heart raced for different reasons, but he remained still, willing it to calm down.

"Don't get used to this," she mumbled and he grinned. "It was absolutely freezing in your room and you're lying here in my bed. What other choice did I have?"

"Well, Goldilocks, I think you made the right decision," he teased sleepily and she exhaled a quiet laugh.

"Go to sleep, you bed thief."

He laughed and listened to her breathing, his arm around her. He felt her body jerk and he knew she had fallen asleep once again. Softly rubbing his hand up and down her arm, he closed his eyes and let the warmth and closeness of her body pull him to sleep.

In a bed that was just right.