Grease spat and sizzled as Rob placed six hamburger patties on the grill.

"Hey, what are you doing?" an employee near the back asked perturbedly, and Rob saw that Derwood had shoved her aside as he made his way over to Mr. Rice.

Mr. Rice's frown created a crease in his forehead comparable to the Mariana Trench. "You shouldn't be here, Derwood. We would have mailed your check."

The former employee sneered at him. "Just get me my money, Rice."

Shaking his head, Rob turned back to the hamburgers. He started. Six tiny brains sat on the skillet. He shook his head, unbelieving, and they resolved themselves back into hamburger patties.

An unfriendly hand landed on his shoulder, and Rob turned to face Derwood. His foe grinned at him, teeth crooked and stained with tobacco. "How you doing, killer?" he asked jovially. "You'd better have some money for me too, huh?"

Mr. Rice reappeared and shoved a check into Derwood's hands. "There. Are you happy? Now, please leave."

"With pleasure, pal," he said as he walked toward the exit. "Oh, and since this is goodbye, I wanted to tell you all. Once, when no one was looking, I barfed in the coleslaw."

A customer at the counter gagged.

"Bon appetit," Derwood called as he walked out the door.

The Spinks residence was a clammy single-level home that was mostly garage. It smelled strongly of smoke, alcohol, and stale pizza. Ratty blinds blocked all but the smallest amount of sunlight.

Rob didn't like it one bit. But almost nothing seemed to be in its proper place, which would make it less obvious that he had broken in.

He rooted through drawers, in closets, in coat pockets, even in the microwave, before he finally found a small orange bottle. Eagerly he snatched it up, read the label. Spinks, Derwood, it read.

Disappointment and fury flooded through him, and tears of frustration threatened to spill as he flung the bottle away. No. I will find it.

A motorcycle purred to a stop in the driveway. And Rob's stomach growled.

Derwood was surprised when the door swung forward as he touched the knob. Even in the dim light, he could see that the organized chaos had been disturbed. He snatched up a baseball bat and ventured into the darkness.

Rob watched from the pantry as Derwood poked around, wielding his bat as one would a sword. "If someone's still in here, you're in for a world of hurt!" he called.

Moving into the kitchen, Derwood halted as something gave a loud crack underfoot. He moved, and saw his pill bottle lying shattered on the floor. A cheshire smile spread across his face.

"Rob?" he called.

Rob watched as he pulled another pill bottle out of his jacket pocket and shook it. "Are you looking for these?"

Derwood scanned the room, then walked slowly toward the pantry. "Deal's off, buddy. You remember that guy you iced? Pankow? I just found out he didn't have a brain in his head."

Rob's fury had given way to cold calculation. For once in his life, Derwood's going to be the one that's scared. He pulled off his wig, then his ears. Contacts, then his false teeth.

"You're one sick little freak, man. You've got a lot of problems," Derwood continued. "If I were the FBI, I'd want you real bad. So I'm just gonna turn you in myself, 'Lucky Boy.'"

By this time, Derwood had made his way to the pantry and yanked it open, bat raised.

Rob stepped out of the shadows, and the bat slipped from Derwood's hand. Eyes bulging, he uttered a blasphemy.

Rob allowed him about five seconds of terror before he put him out of his misery.

A.N. Hello, friends! If the writing seems a bit different than normal, that's because it is :) I just finished reading Frankenstein (which is freakin' awesome, if you haven't read it) and I'm finding a lot of parallels between Rob and the Creature (also they're both INFJs). I realized that my writing of Rob was a bit flat so I'll try to do more from his perspective and about his emotions.

I'd also like a bit of feedback from you all! I have a story in the works that is a direct sequel to Hungry but features some of the other Monsters of the Week as well (because they're awesome :D). But I'm undecided as to whether to have Rob kill Sylvia in this story because I kind of want to use her in the next story. Please let me know whether I should have her live or stick to the original storyline.

Thank you all for reading!