Matthew Scully

A story by Government Patsy


His name is Matthew Scully and he is 16 years old. On October 19 2018 his parents left him home alone after having a serious disagreement with their son. That night both his parents were killed in a car accident. Matthew had been very angry, not answering the home phone when it rung, thinking it was his parents trying to reach him. When the police officers knocked on the door the next morning, waking the young man from his sleep, nothing could have prepared him for the news he received.

Her name is Dana Scully and she is 25 years old. On October 20 2018 she received a phone call that changed her life. Her oldest brother Bill and his wife Tara had lost their lives leaving behind their only son Matthew. Being a new resident at the hospital she knew what she had to do. She forgot about it and went back to work. When the workday was over she was approached by her boyfriend, Dr. Krycek, who suggested dinner. When Dana told him about her personal situation he pulled a few strings and made sure her next shifts weren't for another two days. She went home and packed, drove all night, and finally arrived at her brother's house. Well, where he used to live. When he was alive. Her mother let her in and pulled her in for big hug, the older woman crying; her eyes red and puffy already. Her dad pulled her into an equally tight hug, kissing her forehead with trembling lips. She only had one question. Where is he? Going into his room, she found him sitting on his bed, his back towards her. Suddenly her heart fell and her walls collapsed.

"Where have you been?" he sniffled.

"I'm right here," she told him, instantly by his side, his face in her neck and her arms around her nephew.

They sat there crying, both of them, for what felt like hours.

"I want to go with you," he whispered, need and desperation apparent in his voice.

"Of course," she managed to say, her love for her nephew overpowering the overwhelming sense of panic that struck with his words.

His name is Fox Mulder and he is 28 years old. On November 5 2018 a new student showed up for his class. He was a young high school junior student by the name of Matthew Scully; a young man who looked absolutely broken. As a new Social Studies teacher to the Xavier Falcon High School he hadn't had any challenges yet but he was ready to try and help this young man if he needed it. Trying to engage him during class didn't work as the young man just shrugged and hid away in his sweatshirt.

"So," Mulder said as he plopped down on Matthew's table as the rest of the kids were rushing off after class ended and it was lunchtime. "Welcome to Falcon High, kid."

"Thanks," he said unsurely as he raised an eyebrow at the odd teacher.

"First day here?" he asked and the kid nodded, getting out of his chair and flinging his backpack over his shoulder.

"Why are you here?" he wondered out loud.

"Excuse me?" Matthew said sternly, his icy blue eyes piercing the older guy's darker green ones.

"Why did you come to school if you're not going to participate?" he challenged him.

"To learn quietly," he challenged back.

"I can't pass you if you don't express yourself orally in my class, Matthew," he had to tell him.

"I think that's against the rules of teacher/student consorting, Mr. Mulder," the young man snapped back, leaving Mulder shocked and speechless.

Matthew left the room, and his teacher, quietly. Only looking back at his teacher once over his shoulder just before exiting the room; a mischievous glint in his eyes and a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

"Damn," Mulder let out a laugh that echoed in the empty class room - he definitely looked forward to teaching this kid who'd managed the impossible task of leaving him speechless within minutes of talking to him. Definitely impressive.