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I woke up with a rush of mixed feelings because of what was to come today. I was leaving the beautiful city that floated on waves and was going home to the small country side where my family and all my old friends where. I was so excited to see everyone and to finally to become an official senior witch. The anniversary of the day I arrived into Koriko was only a few days back, and I would have stays here a few more months but an old family friend named Dora had recently passed on, and I want to be there for mom at the funeral plus Dora was like a grandmother to me, so I want to be able to say good bye. She was having so many health issues even before I left, and even though mom was helping her with her potions, that was not going to last forever.

When I got the letter from my dad explaining what happened I knew I needed to go back as soon as possible, but that meant saying good bye to all my new friends and people that I grew so close to. People that have treated me like family and helped me when I was down, or gave me inspiration when I needed it the most (even if he did do it unintentionally). Making the decision to leave was not easy. Not only had I just barely been here for a year, but it was only a month ago that I got all my witches power back and was finally able to talk to Jiji for the first time in a long time. I missed talking to him, even if the first word out of his mouth was him complaining about the food.

I shook my head realizing that I have been laying in bed thinking for about half an hour now. Guess I better finish packing and get ready for the day. I sat up and looked around the room that Osono let me live in since the first day that I came to this city. I was able to slowly make this place my own and now I'm leaving it. I made a mental note make sure to thank Osono for letting me leave a lot of my stuff that I cannot carry on the flight back home. I assured her that I would be back by a year at most and sooner if I can. Osono being as kind as she is said I can take as long as I wanted and that I was always welcome anytime her husband just nodded in agreement. He does not talk much, though according to Osono, The only way to get their son, Takaru, to sleep for naps or just to calm down when he starts to gets fussy is to have her husband tell him a story.

I smiled at that thought and got dressed into my signature black dress that I hated so much when I first came here. I still the same way about it, but maybe I can have my mom teach me how to sew and I can make the dress at least look a little better on me. Even if the color is still the same, I can make the dress have a better shape to it. I slipped into my orange flats and grabbed my broom. Right before I walked out the door I realized that Jiji was not lying next to me when I woke up. I wonder where that cat had gone to. "Jiji!" I called out and waited to see if I heard an answer. After a few minutes of waiting I shrugged; he is probably with Lily and their kittens saying good bye. I offered for him to stay here since I promised that I would be back but his exact words where "as a witches cat it is my duty to stay with you, plus this will be good for Cho since he is training to be a witch's cat himself." No matter what I told him he refused to stay even though I could tell that he wanted to. Guess that's one way of telling how good of a friend you have.

I grabbed my back and strapped it around my shoulders as I walked to the door and opened it. I turned around and took one good look at it then walked out and looked around for Jiji. "Jiji! Cho! Come on or we are going to be late for the good bye party before we leave!" I called out again. I waited for a little bit then saw two black cat heads poke from around the corner then starting sprinting towards me. As they jumped onto my shoulders and I walked to an open area so I could take off I noticed that Cho had been crying because he was sniffling. I felt horrible but I knew if I offered to let him stay that he and his father would just refuse again so I just petted him letting him know that I knew how felt. "Hey, we are coming back as soon as we can, and then you can see your sisters and mother again, I promise you that" I said to him. He nodded and shook his head "Let's go!" he shouted in excitement, that's the Cho I know, Happy and full of energy. I took off to the beach that Tombo and I crashed on when he first took me for a ride on the bike that had that propeller attached to it.

Tombo, he is defiantly someone that I was going to miss a lot. We became very close after the incident with the Dirigible and he had almost died. I always find myself wondering if I had not caught him when I did and he did fall to his demise, where I would be now. Would I still be in the city? Would my powers still be gone? I stopped myself from thinking that. I cannot let myself think that way because I was able to save him and my powers finally came back and better than ever. Anyway, back to Tombo, we became best friends after that and during his summer break we would fly side by side almost every day. Over the city, ocean, and country side we traveled as far as we were comfortable. When school started for him we had to cut it down to once a week if we got lucky, but that was okay because we still talked on the phone and in person whenever we could.

It was him, Osono, and Ursula that convinced me it was okay to leave and see my family as soon as would have to. They said that even though they would miss me that it would be okay because I promised that I would be back and that I needed to see my family anyway and tell them all about Koriko and all the people that I have met. At least, that was about what they all said, Tombo mostly said the part about telling my family about everyone here, Osono was the one saying that as long as I came back, it did not matter how long it took, that it was okay that I left, and Ursula laughed then hugged me saying "just don't forget to write me." I really will miss those three the most, they where the first people to be kind to me when I first came here and they have stuck to my side ever since. I did make other friends, mostly through Tombo, and that only made leaving here even harder, but it was nice to be able to be around people that cared for me enough to through a going away party. I was determined to not fly away from the city smiling, not crying.

Though, as I saw the crowed for people at the beach I felt myself get choked up, there were so many people there, way more than I expected. I heard someone yell "There she is!" and as I felt a tear roll down my face I smiled at everyone while landing. Osono and Ursula came up to me and hugged me, welcoming me to the party. I looked at them after they pulled away "You didn't have to do all of this for me!" I said but two older women laughed "Of course we did!" Osono said "Kiki, there isn't anything we wouldn't do for you so just enjoy it okay?" Ursula said and I nodded and whipped the tears that threatened to fall once more. "Thank you so much!" I said hugging them once more. I walked into the crowd of people that shook my hand or hugged me, Jiji and Cho had run off to avoid the crowd. I noticed that a lot of them where people that I had made deliveries for, one of my favorite people to deliver for was Madam and Barsa, and when I saw them I ran up to them and hugged them both. "Thank you both for coming, I will defiantly miss you both, and I am so sorry I will miss your birthday, but I promise that I will bring you both back something from home." I said quickly because I feared that if I didn't I would start to cry and not be able to finish. Madam and Barsa both chuckled "Don't you even worry about it, just send me a letter saying happy birthday and that would be all I need!" Madam said smiling at me. "If you could get me a broom that would be nice" Barsa said. I laughed and nodded "you got it!" I said and smiled at them.

I continued to talk to them when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was but I was sure I already knew. I smiled at him "Hey Tombo!" I said. He smiled back and I turned to Madam and Barsa to excuse myself from them and then I walked off with Tombo. We sat down in the same spot we did the day we crashed and looked out to the ocean. This became a thing of ours, whenever one of use need to vent to the other or just wanted to talk this is where we would come. It was calming so it helped use to relax. "So, I guess you're really leaving huh?" Tombo said looking at the ocean instead of me. I nodded doing the same thing "yeah… but I will be back, and I will make sure to stay in contact with you and everyone else as much as possible" Tombo smiled and looked at me " Just make sure to call okay?" he asked. I nodded feeling myself getting choked up again. "I-I won't" I said as tears started to flow down my face. "Awe, don't cry. It's not like this is forever plus, if you take too long ill just come to your place and drag you back here" He said and smiled widely at me. I started to laugh "Promise?" I said wiping the tears away. Tombo stuck his pinky out and I hooked mine with his. "Promise" he said confidently and I hugged him.

"Kiki, you might want to leave soon so you don't have to fly in the dark!" Osono called out to me. I pulled away from Tombo and stood up and offered my hand to Tombo. He took it and I helped him up then we went off to the crowd of people. I hugged Osono and Ursula again then I hugged Osono's husband and kissed Takaru on the forehead and thanked everyone of being so kind to me as I mounted me broom. I called out to Jiji and Cho and they ran to me and climbed onto my shoulders. I started to take off waving and smiling at everyone then I flew off into the distance. I couldn't help it anymore I started to cry as I flew off.

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