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A Real Piece of Work

Chapter 1: Too Good To Be True

It had cost more than he had hoped to get the windshield replaced and the dents pounded out of the hood. His GTO was as good as new. Luke had been babying her since he brought her back home, rubbing her down and checking her over in the safety of the garage. He loved this car.

Luke was startled by a figure coming up behind him. He spun around quickly and found himself even more shocked to see it was Sophia who had managed to sneak up on him. Luke didn't know what to say after the events of the previous evening.

He looked to her for the tone of this encounter but found little clues. Her face was neutral but what really caught his attention was the rest of her. She was wearing the little pink dress she had worn to the rave a few weeks earlier.

Luke was caught in the memory of her unbuttoning the dress and didn't even notice her moving closer to his car.

"You got your car fixed."

He was still remembering the way her pink satin bra looked against her milky skin. Since that ill-fated evening, he had imagined ripping it of with his teeth…wait, did she just say something? Luke closed his mouth, quickly checked that he hadn't drooled, and looked to her for any clue of what she had said.

"Ah…yeah, it was hard to see through the shattered windshield."

He half expected her to start yelling at him for walking in on her date but she surprised him by just shrugging. She was looking the hood over, running her hand over the top as if searching for the now gone dents.

Luke shifted awkwardly, "Did you want to talk about something?"

She was still looking at a spot on the hood of the car as she shook her head. Her indifference was now getting to Luke, "Ok…look Sophia, I'm sor…"

"I'm curious Luke," She turned to face him. His eye bulged at the sight of her unbuttoning her pink dress, "how far can you go," they were so close. Luke's hands ran up her body from her hips to where she had stopped unbuttoning. He lightly traced a finger along the opening. Encouraged by her lack of resistance, he continued opening the dress further as she spoke again, "at what point during the act does the change actually occur."

Luke stopped to look at her. She was not shying away from him but holding his gaze without blinking. There were only a few buttons left but her stomach was completely revealed to a few inches bellow her navel showing of the top of her panties.

He ran his finger along where her soft skin met the cool cloth, creating a jolt of electricity that ran up his arm, "Oh yeah, you can go pretty far."

Luke ran his hands along her bare stomach resting on her hips beneath the open dress. He took no time in bringing her flush up against him. They were body to body, mouth to mouth. His kiss was feverish and demanding. Luke was imprinting himself on Sophia and she was meeting him move for move.

Luke couldn't believe this was really happening. He had wanted this for so long that he was hardly going to waste this opportunity. He knew he was rushing but he couldn't help himself.

His kiss was searing while his grip on her hips was bruising. But Sophia certainly wasn't complaining. Luke loved the feel of her hands running through his hair while pulling him impossibly closer. And he was pretty sure she intentionally just bit his lip. She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.

Luke made a quick move with his arms causing several of the remaining buttons to fall to the ground. He released his vice like grip on her hips only to roughly grasp her backside. This gave him the proper leverage to lift her lower half closer to his own giving her little doubt to how much he wanted her.

Luke started a path of heated kisses leading to her pulse point. The sound of her breathy moans was irresistible. He was well into the process of marking her when the sound of deep laughter caught his attention. Luke regretfully stopped his ministrations to find the source of the interruption. He didn't know what to think upon realizing that the laughter was coming from Sophia.

"You're really a piece of work, Luke."

"What?" Luke blinked to find that Sophia was gone. He feared he might be going insane as he looked around for the missing girl. The sound of more laughter caught his attention and gave away Sophia's new location.

She was now sitting in the backseat of his GTO. Luke's surprise turned to shock when he realized she was not alone. The ungulate, Scott had replaced him and was now all over her. Luke was overcome with blind rage. Sophia was looking directly at him with her glowing eyes as Scott worked on her neck.

"I'm not afraid of you Luke. I can do what I want with who I want." Luke felt the ground drop from under him. He couldn't move. He was going to be sick when all he could do was watch the zoo bait make out with Sophia…

Luke's heart was racing as he bolted upright in bed. He was covered in sweat.


The dream had started out so promising. He started shivering slightly as it all came back to him: Sophia's date with Captain Ungulate and the events that lead to his busted windshield.

Luke knew he had messed up big time and this was the worst possible time or her to be pissed at him, with her flip quickly coming. But he felt fairly certain he could get her to forgive him. The part he was really worried about was what she had said in the diner, "…just friends, that's all." No, that would be unacceptable, he would not even consider it.

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