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2/28/2009 c1 502Rosa Cotton
How did I miss this?

I actually think this is better than "Gone." This whole thing was wonderful, and Curdie was rather splendid. His thoughts and feelings about redeeming himself for wronging Irene were very believable.

Having Irene visit the mining town during the summer was very neat. (I believe the book barely gave any hint to what the princess did during that time, if I remember correctly.) I can picture her being friends with the miners and children - and Lootie wringing her hands in the background. Poor Curdie, how he must feel, both glad and pained when near her.

I loved how you wrote Mrs. Peterson, with her wise, knowing smile. Seeing all yet keeping quiet.

And Curide, trying to understand his feelings about Irene: at first thinking it was just of how much he wished to atone himself, desired to serve her. Realizing it wasn't even that. First denying, and then finally (almost reluctantly) acknowledging his feelings were so much more. I want to hug him!

Yet the best part of your story - which had me grinning like a complete idiot - was this:

"And on certain occasions, when other boys would approach her and take away her attention, he would often glare at them and find himself in an incredibly foul mood until they were gone and she would turn her gaze back to him once more."

Oh my word, jealous Curdie! Nowhere in the book or movie does he experience that emotion. But how I love the image of him here, glaring and in a foul mood until Irene returns her attention to him. SQUEE! If only there was more jealous!Curdie. *sigh*

Job well done! Keep up the great work! :D

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