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for Mononoke: Black Magic Horror Tales

5/3 c4 Zephyr's Voice
This is an intriguing piece. The narration and the way you depicted the Medicine Seller is spot-on in my opinion. Wonderful job!
2/26 c29 7thereceiv3r
When MS said it was a tatarimokke last chapter, I had this entire theory that the samurais had murdered a woman and its unborn that were considered a potential threat to the lord (LOL). But now this conspiracy sounds exciting! Wonder why they killed a lord that was just visiting...
2/23 c29 2Chestia413
im so happy aaaaa
2/7 c28 2Spatchi
I just finished watching Mononoke a few days ago and it's easily one of my favorite shows. This is the sequel it didn't get but the one we all deserved. Your storytelling is phenomenal- I feel like I'm reading transcripts of the episode!
2/5 c27 Guest
It honestly feels like I'm watching a sequel series of Mononoke. Your storytelling is so good!
1/31 c27 7thereceiv3r
"Ii"? As in "good"? I hope that lord is truly good. And wow, finally an update! This arc sounds exciting. Especially when it's set in a feudal lord's estate, because it's so rare to read or see about them in media.
1/15 c26 thereceiv3r
Now that was quite a good end. The villagers were quite forthright (well, last chapter's "village secrets" are quite funny) and they didn't (try to) lie to MS. I'm glad Uta got her revenge, though swallowed by a fiery cat...sounds a bit like being burnt at the stake.
12/30/2019 c24 thereceiv3r
Cats! Again. Hopefully they're not the malicious ones this time. I know the bakeneko were not necessarily malicious, but they were turned into the antagonist in the series. So, I hope in this arc it's some other type of mononoke which are threatening the cats' existence.

And another yokai in this chapter! I've never heard of the sunekosuri before, but they look quite cute.
12/10/2019 c21 thereceiv3r
Oops forgot to review!

Anyways... Kusuriuri-san, you better save Kayo! :( Oh wait, but aren't they freefalling at the moment? Luckily the ofuda are multipurpose, huh.

Great chapters as always :D
11/23/2019 c19 thereceiv3r
I was just wondering in the last few chapters where Ms. Tsuma was! When you said she got axed, I was wondering if she was somehow miraculously alive. But no, she's dead D: This chapter reminds me of the Nopperabou episode, but at the same time since they're in a mahjong parlour, it is also reminiscent of the Nue episode. While I'm glad no one else had to die in this arc, I'm a bit angry that Miss Tama did not suffer for her cruelty to those girls and her manipulation in all this.
10/12/2019 c17 thereceiv3r
Oooh interesting! A new plot :D and another mononoke to discover. When you mentioned youkai, I was at the edge of my seat wondering if you were going to show us a few youkai.

I find it kinda funny how everyone keeps inferring Kayo as MS' wife xD
9/24/2019 c15 thereceiv3r
I'm glad you're still updating! :) I searched for Mononoke stories with MS and Kayo across different languages and there are barely any, so you're my only hope. This chapter was full of action - you've satiated me! I can't wait to find out what's the icky reason that made Fuku kill a fellow miko.
8/13/2019 c13 thereceiv3r
Nice ;)
8/8/2019 c12 thereceiv3r
I think you meant:

"You're awful!" [Mitsu] cried.


[Shina's] cruelty was a stab in the heart.

The medicine seller always refers to humans as though we are a separate species from him. In Ayakashi he acted more "human" but they producers removed some of those characteristics from him in Mononoke, which made him very very vague that it's a bit unsatisfying. Nice closing to the Hinnagami arc. I can't wait to see what mononoke you will write next. And of course how the Kayo and MS' dynamic will develop!
7/22/2019 c10 thereceiv3r
Nice. I like the Kayo and MS dynamic! Kayo is a great student - she's feisty but quickly trusting of what the medicine seller does. Interesting idea with the candles and dolls coming to life. Hope to see more :) There's barely any Mononoke ff anymore and Mononoke certainly deserves more love.
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