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for A Quiet Love

12/26/2019 c22 82LoveShipper
Saying that Dana was Fox's oxygen in his lungs and his life force was super romantic.
12/26/2019 c21 LoveShipper
It's going to be ok Dana cause Fox keeps his promise and finds a cure.
11/19/2019 c20 LoveShipper
Ohh I hope Fox kept his promise to take Dana dancing
11/19/2019 c19 LoveShipper
Fox's work and life would end without his Dana
11/19/2019 c18 LoveShipper
Maybe you both should be more open to each other
11/19/2019 c17 LoveShipper
One of the hardest phone calls ever
11/19/2019 c16 LoveShipper
Claps that Fox and Dana helped two families find justice and closure
11/19/2019 c15 LoveShipper
Maybe a premonition into Dana and his future?
11/19/2019 c14 LoveShipper
Hearing Fox breathe is what Dana needed I guess
11/19/2019 c13 LoveShipper
That would be my worst fear too; someone I love is seriously hurt
11/19/2019 c12 LoveShipper
I think Fox just wanted to talk to his girl for no reason other then he wanted to
11/19/2019 c11 LoveShipper
That's right go see your Dana instead of retreating into yourself
11/19/2019 c10 LoveShipper
Please don't lose your faith in miracles
11/19/2019 c9 LoveShipper
Sad to see Missy dying but glad the "family" is there for each other
11/19/2019 c8 LoveShipper
Doctor Dana to the rescue
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